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Drum mill liner

Drum mill liner contains set of plates in an annular row, fixed in the inner surface of the drum. Each plate is formed in a cross- sectional view is made in the channeled form with three protrusions and of which make half of liner lifters, middle protrusion and diagonal lifters. Holes for bolting are offset from the cross-section axis and located at the base of end projections to rotation direction of the drum.

Industrial operation of the liner showed that the decrease of in direct influence of ore-ball mixture into holes increases liner service life by 1.2 ... 1.3 times; mirror execution of the each subsequent liners row, located in the annular row of the drum and promotes intensification of grinding process.

The positive effect of the introduction of technology is reduced the grinding process duration and long service life of the liner.

The technology is protected by the patent RUZ IAP 04626. "Know-how" is available 

Transfer of technology and "Know–how" is possible only under the license agreement. 

For acquisition of license contact Mr Usmanov (Tel: +998-79-2277206 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) 27 Navoi St., Navoi 210100, Uzbekistan.

Key words: mill, liner, grinding, ore-ball mixture, diagonal lifters.

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You are here: Main About NMMC Items of Intellectual Property Drum mill liner