Method of gold recovery from ores, concentrates and slurry

Method of recovery gold from ores pulps, concentrates and slurry with subsequent technologists simple sorbent regeneration introduced in hydrometallurgical plants.

The technology of gold recovery includes cyanidation of feed by fractional supply. A method of gold recovery from ores, concentrates and slurries, involves cyanadation of feed by fractional supply of cyanide salt solution in ground pulp, sorption of gold using a special sorbent. The technical result of the invention is that the use of the inventive method will reduce the regeneration time of sorbent by 5-15 times as compared with conventional technologies, to reduce consumption of chemicals reagents and to avoid the high temperature or heat treatment of sorbent during its regeneration, to reduce the number of pumps and valves and abandon use acid-resistant equipment when introducing the method in hydrometallurgical plants. Moreover, lack of release of toxic strong acid leads to a significant increase personnel safety.

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Key words: recovery of gold, regeneration, sorbent, sorption, desorption of sulfur