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Method of disposal of hazardous waste

Method of hazardous waste includes two-layer coating anti-radiation screen and layer for wind erosion exclusion of the top layer.

Disposal Technology complies with current radiation safety standards "Radiation Safety" sanitary regulations SanPiN № 0079-98 and Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Subsurface”

Bottom layer - anti-radiation waterproof formed layers, by aggradation from pulp of nonradioactive waste. Layer thickness is determined from the maximal (EDR or “H”) gamma radiation and aggradation density of tails. The screen should prevent infiltration of precipitation, minimize the impact on underground hydrosphere, capillary rise of groundwater.

Upper protective layer - excludes wind erosion from the surface deposits of tailings. Different materials can be used for creation of a layer and their blends. Layer is formed from particles with a certain estimated size, and form by thickness, determined by the given formula taking into account the physical properties of sediments.

Application of this method allowed to successfully complete all the requirements for the construction of anti-radiation screen and reduce capital expenses for disposal of hazardous waste from uranium production HMP-1 NMMC.

The technology is protected by the patent RUZ IAP 04626. "Know-how" is available 

Transfer of technology and "Know–how" is possible only under the license agreement. 

For acquisition of license contact Mr Usmanov (Tel: +998-79-2277206 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 27 Navoi St., Navoi 210100, Uzbekistan.

Key words: Disposal, uranium, anti-radiation, antifiltration.

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You are here: Main About NMMC Items of Intellectual Property Method of disposal of hazardous waste