Trade mark MGU 2001 0081 (MGU – 10950)

Description of NMMC’s trade mark

The trade mark of NMMC is registered in the Public Register of Trade Marks of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Certificate No.MGU-10950 is issued by the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan and prolonged till February 19, 2021.

The trade mark represents stylized polyhedron with 7 vertices with 3 “U” letters inside of it. There are three vertices in the upper part of polyhedron, two in the lower part, and one vertex on the each side of polyhedron. Two letters are positioned in one horizontal line, and the third letter is positioned between two lower vertices of polygon. The third letter is reversed and located under the upper vertex of polygon, and connects two lower letters, thus forming an ornament. Three upper vertices symbolize mountain range, and sum of all vertices symbolizes the versatility of the NMMC’s production activity. The initial letters of the words “Uranium” and “Aurum” which are the main products of NMMC are codified in the formed combination of letters situated in the polygon.

Contours of polygon and letters situated inside of it are colored in one color. The contour fill color may be changed depending on the package design.

Trade mark dimensions. The logotype contour length is H. The logotype contour height is 0.62% of H. Width of bypass contour fill is 0.02% of H. Description of the left side of bypass contour: Distance:

- from the right side vertex to the upper left vertex is 0.29% of H.

- from the right side vertex to upper middle vertex is 0.5% of H.

- from the right side vertex to the lower left vertex is 0.28% of H.

Distance between lower vertices is 0.26% of H. Length of the upper right cavity is 0.11% of H. Depth of the lower cavity is 0.1% of H. Distance between the left side vertex and lower cavity vertex is 0.5% of H. Description of the left side of bypass contour is symmetric to the right side thereof. Description of inner elements ratio: Width – 0.44 % of contour length, height – 0.4 % of contour length.