Granular materials sample handling device

The invention relates to devices for granular materials preparation to analysis and may be applied for equipping the analytical departments of exploration and mining enterprises.

Granular materials sample handling device including granular materials initial sample receiver, multilayered trough divider, measuring bin with cone valve, measuring bin filling level detector, sector riffle with rotatable walls of sampling windows with their drive, and device control unit differs from its analogues: for increase of sample handling performance and reliability of final sample quantity and splitting accuracy, the granular materials initial sample receiver is furnished with weighing cell which is connected with multilayered trough divider drive through the control unit, and the measuring bin filling level detector is made in truncated spherical form, the plumb bob of which is connected with shaped pulley of sector riffle rotatable walls’ drive using flexible rod.

The object of invention is to improve performance of sample handling and reliability of final sample quantity and splitting accuracy.

Key words: granular materials, sample handling, trough divider

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