Lamellar thickener. Inventor’s Certificate No.1690810

The invention relates to devices for separating suspensions and effluents and separates solids from liquid under gravity in thin inclined layers.

The liquid phase consists of aqueous phase and relatively few organic phases.

The invention may find use in hydrometallurgy, mining and chemical industries, and in treatment of effluents.

Object of invention: improvement of process efficiency in separating three-phase suspension with low-grade organic phase.

The thickener consists of the body with piles of inclined lamels with perforated side walls in series situated in it; initial suspension inlet chamber with angled plates and nozzles fixed at the top; conical hopper for collecting the underflow; overflow launder for the removal of clarified fluid; feed injecting nozzles, outlet and discharge of the underflow.

The technology is covered by patent No.1690810. Know-how is available.

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