Method of thiourea extraction from aqueous solutions. Inventor’s Certificate No.1474160

The invention relates to organic chemistry, and particularly methods of thiourea extraction from diluted aqueous solutions, and may find use in hydrometallurgy for thiourea extraction from sulfuric process solutions of gold desorption cycle and reprocessing of thiourea.

Object of invention: increase of thiourea extraction from solutions; simplification of process.

Thiourea solution is processed using halogenated ethane, mainly, hexachloroethane at a certain temperature with its subsequent heating in water and separating of thiourea solution.

Increase of thiourea extraction is accomplished using sym-tetrachlorodifluoroethane, pentachloroethane, and hexachloroethane as precipitators, and precipitating at design temperature as well.

This method allows increasing of thiourea extraction level in the filtrate from 3.02 to 0.8-1.74%

The technology is covered by Inventor’s Certificate No. 1474160. Know-how is available.

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