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Equipment for transportation of rock mass from quarry

Industrial model of claimed utility model is put into operation at NMMC quarry "Muruntau" in March 2011. On lift height (270 meters at an angle of 37 degrees), capacity (3500 tones / hour), schemes originality and construction solutions is a unique facility and has no analogues in the world.

As a result, the distance of the rock mass transportation by road has decreased at an average on 33.5 km, and capacity of dump trucks increased at 30%. Cars annual mileage decreased at 30.4%. Number of drivers and repairmen decreased at 27.2%, discharge of combustive and lubricating materials decreased at 37%. Gaseousness in quarry is decreased.

Using: mining industry. Used for transportation of rock mass (overburden rocks and/or ores) during development of deposits of useful minerals.

Task: reduction of capital mining operations on integration of conveyor transport, increase the working area of quarry side, increasing the lift height by one conveyor flight till next transfer, reduction of energy demands on the up grade of the rock massfrom the quarry.

Character of the utility model: Lumped rock mass is delivered to transfer point by trucks. Due to the grating and crushing the size of the rock mass goes down to size (no more 300 mm). After preparation the rock mass enters on the weight-backing strip, then in the transitional flat lying zone of the conveyor at the angle of inclination 15-18 degrees, on the rock mass is superimposed pressure belt with rollers. Two belts with rollers form a tube in which in a holding condition rock mass is occurred.

This allows for rock mass to rise up under the general angle of φ degrees (vertical lifting height h, by one flight). On surface of the quarry the high-grade part of the conveyor flatten out in an arc, wherein the necessity of press belt is dropped out. Rock mass continues to transport on a shallower sloped surface and enters on stocking conveyor. Hereafter the rock mass enters on the loader, which provides shipment of the flow on railway transport (e.g. dump cars). In the absence of railway transport is sent to the stockpile. And removal stream from the quarry goes to blade through the conveyors system.

Industrial model manufacturing technology patented by Republic of Uzbekistan № №FAP 00989 UZ. There is a “know how” for this technology. Technology transfer is possible only on licensing agreement.

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You are here: Main About NMMC Items of Intellectual Property Equipment for transportation of rock mass from quarry