Method of mining ore deposits by underground leaching at the end of their exploitation

Using: mining industry. It is used in extraction of useful minerals in place by underground leaching method, i.e. by selective transfer of commercial component in the liquid phase in the bowels with subsequent processing of production solutions.

Task: Loss enhancements of commercial component in the bowels, production increase of commercial component due the mining of technogenic ores generated during work performance process, reduction of leaching reagent discharge and also execution the recultivation the rocks of ore-hosting horizon.

Character of the invention: At the final stage of reservoir management within its borders, extra wells are bored, in which the filters are applied under the mineral deposits to upper border of the lower aquiclude ore-bearing horizon. Extra wells disposed by calculation in deposit area, between ranges of injection and extraction wells. From extra wells pumped productional solutions to creation an optimal acidic solution (pH~1-2). Additionally, to the drilled wells pump alkaline solutions, at the rate of one pore volume for complete neutralization of the acid solutions in layer. Wells pattern and number of extra wells is determined by calculation.

The effectiveness of the method depends on the volume of commercial component production. Achieved by: production increase of commercial component at 20-25% from unit of work out area without additional charges; exclusion from re-mining technogenic useful minerals deposits and material charges, involved with re-mining; efficiency improvement of ore-hosting horizon recultivation under the work out useful minerals deposits.

Manufacturing technology patented by Republic of Uzbekistan №IAP 20090345 UZ. There is a “know how” for this technology. Technology transfer is possible only on licensing agreement.