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Combinat chronicles



- Uchkuduk deposit was discovered.


- beginning of construction of the base for the main first priority projects: permanent water supply complex, hydropower plant, Navoi-Uchkuduk railway, temporary airport.


- September,1– date of foundation Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat;

- the city, founded next to the Kermine station, was named after the great poet Alisher Navoi;

- car pool No.1 was established in Uchkuduk, the construction of underground mines No.1,2,7 was started;

- Muruntau gold ore deposit was discovered.


- Uchkuduk was given the status of urban-type settlement.



-construction management was founded and first dwelling houses were commissioned in Uchkuduk;

-Navoi- Uchkuduk railway for freight traffic was opened;

- Sabyrsai deposit was discovered.


- construction of waterways was started in Uchkuduk;

-Navoi- Uchkuduk railway for passengers was opened.



-commissioning of Central Research Laboratory and experimental shop No.1 where pilot tests of uranium extraction technology from ores of Uchkuduk deposit were started;

- the construction of Repair and Engineering Plant was started;

- telephone line from Uchkuduk to Navoi was laid;

- the first rotary Complex KGTO1 was commissioned in Northern Mining Administration.


-uranium extraction in-situ leaching method was introduced in Northern Mining Administration;

- Uchkuduk-Navoi 220 kV power line was put into operation.


- Central and Southern Mining Administrations were organized;

- development works in Sabyrsai deposit were started;

- HMP-1 commissioning and start of triuranium-octoxide (U3O8) commercial production;

- the construction of Nurabad town was started.


- sinking of exploratory shafts in Sugraly deposit and construction of production mine were started;

-the first house was commissioned by Zarafshan Construction Administration (ZCA) in Zarafshan.


- the construction of Uchkuduk-Zarafshan highway was started.


-On the 1st of March the first bulk blast was effected in Muruntau open pit, the development of Muruntau deposit was started by open-pit method;

- the construction of HMP-2 was started.


- the development of YujniyBukinay uranium deposit was started;

- HMP-1 started the production of a finished product in the form of triuranium-octoxide;

- the first gold bar weighing 11 kg 820g was cast in HMP-2;

- Zarafshan-Uchkuduk waterway was put into operation.



-the first uranium product was received in YujniyBukinay.


- uranium mining pilot works using in-situ leaching method were started in Southern Mining Administration;

- HMP-2 developed the production of refined silver.


-NMMC gold was awarded with the state “Quality mark”;

- HMP-2 phase II startup;

- REP started the manufacture of MBL-M and MBLDSH combines.


- the first 100 million cubic meters of mined rock was transported from Muruntau open pit;

- HMP-2 phase III startup;

- machine-operated line for arch support manufacture was commissioned in REP;

- Zafarabad settlement was founded.


- the first 3000 samples were assayed in the gamma activation analysis laboratory in Muruntau open pit;

- REP started the manufacture of BUG-3M combines.


- the first uranium product was extracted in Beshkak deposit;

- In Northern Mining Administration wire radio and telebroadcast nets were built.



- X-ray spectrum, X-ray radiometric and spectrum analyses of mineral element complex were introduced in Northern Mining Administration.


- maximum production capacity in uranium ore processing and finished product manufacture was achieved in HMP-1.


- Zafarabad was given the status of urban type settlement.


- sulfuric acid plant was put into operation in Uchkuduk.


- Zarafshan-Uchkuduk drinking waterway was constructed and put into operation;

- HMP-1 started the production of ammonium perrhenate.


- the first turning lathe NT-200I was manufactured in REP.


- September 1, 1991 declared Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- start up of unit No.22 in HMP-2;

- mining operations in Vostochniy mine of Kokpatas deposit was started;

- REP was renamed into Navoi Machine Building Plant.


- commissioning of the Joint Venture “Zarispark” for the production of jewellery, now a jewelry factory that is part of NMMC

- formed spinning and knitting factory “Agama”.


- NMMC was awarded a “Diamond Star for Quality” prize (Brazil) and “Prize for Quality” (Spain) for high quality of its products;

- Mining Administration No.5 became a part of NMMC;

- Dzham-2 marble mine started operation in Southern Mining Administration.


- NMMC gold was awarded the status of “Good Delivery” by the London Bullion Market Association;

- formation of MTA (Motor Transport Administration) in Northern Mining Administration.


- startup of HMP-3 phase I and mines in Kokpatas deposit;

- gold heap leaching complex was commissioned;

- Chingali marble quarry and facing tile production line were put into operation in Southern Mining Administration;

- The Navoi State Mining Institute (NSMI) was founded.


- mining works in Tashkura area of Djeroy-Sardarinsk phosphorite deposit was started;

- the plastic pipes production workshop was put into operation in Southern Mining Administration.


- uranium mine in Kendyk-Tyube deposit started operation using in-situ leaching method;

- commercial production of liquid glass was developed in HMP-1;

- “Uzbekistan Mining Herald” scientific production journal was established.


- NMMC gold was successfully certified in Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM);

- Kyzylkum Phosphorite Complex was commissioned;

- automated process transport control system with using modern navigation systems was developed and implemented at Muruntau open pit; 

- mining complex in Layliken uranium deposit was put into operation.


- Uchkuduk railway station was built and Zarafshan airport was reconstructed by Zarafshan Construction Administration.


- NMMC was awarded with “Dustlik” (Friendship) Order;

- Damhodja-Karnab waterway was laid to provide Karnab village people with drinking water;

- a hydro-press not having analogues in Uzbekistan was startup in Production Association “Navoi Machine Building Plant”;

- commissioning of juice packing line in Agricultural Enterprise “Dustlik”.


-the billionth cubic meter of rock was mined in Muruntau open pit;

- Mining Administration No.5 was awarded the diploma of “Ecosan” International Fund for the performances achieved in environment protection sphere.


- emulsion explosives plant was put into operation in Central Mining Administration;

- Zarmitan and Marjanbulak gold mines and Marjanbulak gold extraction plant became the part of NMMC Southern Mining Administration;

- “Zarafshan” boarding house and “Pakhlavon” children’s health camp were built with the help of Zarafshan Construction Administration;

- the pilot ore sorting complex with X-ray radiometric sorting was commissioned in HMP-3 in Northern Mining Administration;

- block stone processing department was put into operation and mineral water and soft drinks shop was opened in Southern Mining Administration.


- Mining Administration No.5 started industrial development of Tokhumbet uranium deposit;

- the first bucket for CAT-5230 excavator was manufactured, manufacture of lining for ММС-90х30 mills and wagons was mastered in PA “NMBP”.

- nonradioactive waste disposal points in mines No.1,2,3 were built in Mining Adminisration No.5.


- Joint Venture “Amantaitau-Goldfields” was established;

- a dairy products mini-plant was opened in Agricultural Firm “Dustlik”.


- the integrated management system for the production of precious metals and phosphorite products was introduced in Central Mining Administration;

- the construction of bioleaching complex was started on the basis of HMP-3;


- NMMC was awarded “The new millennium prize” founded by the Trade Leaders’ Club for innovation and high quality of the products;

- PA “NMBP” was awarded with the Quality Management System Certificate for design, assembly, fitting and after-sales service of metal-working machines; design and manufacture of such household appliances as woodworking machines, washing machines as well as plastic and rubber items; mid-life and major repair of metal-working machines;

- Southern Mining Administration was awarded with the Quality Management System Certificate for PVC and PE pipes;

- PA “NMBP” manufactured a lake salt washing unit for Kungrad soda plant and mastered foundry of turn rims for wet autogenous mills and screen discharged ball mills;

- the art school opened in Zarafshan;

- the machine-builders of PA “NMBP” won in the republican review-competition “Uzbek best products”.


- NMMC was awarded with the New Millenium Prize “For technology and Quality” in Geneva;

- the construction of Unit No.28 together with expansion and reconstruction of adjoining production areas were completed in HMP-2;

- phosphorite ore chlorine washing-off department was put into operation in Kyzylkum Phosphorite Complex;

- “Zarafshan” boarding house of Central Mining Administration became the first holder of International Quality Management System Certificate for services in rest and health promotion organization;

- Zarafshan Construction Administration became the winner of the republican contest “The best enterprise in design, construction and manufacture of construction materials” and was recognized as the best construction organization in building, architecture and manufacture of construction materials in Uzbekistan;

- International Business Centre “Poytaht” was built in Tashkent by Zarafshan Construction Administration.


- HMP-2 came up to full capacity – 32 mln. tons a year, 700 mln. tons of ore had been processed since its foundation;

- BIOX bacterial leaching technology was introduced in Northern Mining Administration;

- Mining Administration No.5 started mining works in commissioning and start-up complex of SeverniyKanimekh deposit;

- the mine construction in Zarmitan deposit was completed.




- Navoi Trust was established in Zarafshan Construction Administration;


- a modern checkpoint was opened at Hydrometallurgical Plant No.1;


- Alendy deposit was commissioned in Mining Administration No.5;


- a site for overhauling drilling rigs and equipment of the uranium complex was opened in Mining Administration No.5;


- the production unit of Yarkuduk deposit was put into operation in Southern Mining Administration;


- a children's sports gymnastic complex with a gymnasium was built in Navoi;


- the development of Maylisay rare-earth metal deposit has begun;


- hydroponics workshop was introduced in Agricultural Firm “Dustlik”.




- the children's activity center was opened in Navoi;


- the gasification of Uchkuduk was completed;


- Hydrometallurgical Plant No.4 was commissioned in Zarmitan;


- Gunjak site development of Ketmenchi deposit has begun in Southern Mining Administration.




- The high-angle conveyor was commissioned in Muruntau mine.


- a new sports complex in Zarafshan was opened

- a new field “Aulbek” was discovered in Mining Administration No.5;


- the Museum of NMMC was opened in Palace of culture “Farhad”;

- the 50 apartment house in Uchkuduk was commissioned;

- the 48 apartment house in Zarafshan was put into operation;

- the Park of culture and rest "Orzu" in Uchkuduk was opened;

- a youth hostel in Zafarabad town was commissioned;

- inflatable sports hall in Zarafshan was opened.


- the second phase of the Kyzylkum phosphorite complex was opened;

- two 40 and 48 apartment houses in Uchkuduk were commissioned;

- the Youth centre in Uchkuduk was put into operation;

- the 40 apartment house in Zarafshan was commissioned.




- Aquapark in Zarafshan was put into operation;


- five of 16 apartment houses in Zarkent settlement were commissioned;


- industrial and social objects in Sugraly and SeverniyKanimekh mines of Mining Administration No.5 were put into operation;


- a mini-workshop for the production of mineral water "Nur-diyor" in Agricultural Firm "Dustlik" was opened.




- recycling of mineralized mass depots of Muruntau mine by heap leaching was begun;


- reconstruction of backup (emergency) power supply of special category objects of HMP-3 was made;


- Local and Sorption Plant No.5 were constructed in SeverniyKanimekh deposit;


- a 4-storey 44-apartment house for young families was built in Zarkent village of Kushrabat district, Samarkand region;


- the pulmonary dispensary building is redeveloped under the Nurabad balneal sanatorium in Southern Mining Administration;


- the reconstruction of Metallurg sanatorium has been made;


- a new educational building of the Navoi State Mining Institute was commissioned;


- the construction of aqua park in Zarkent village of Kushrabat district, Samarkand region.




- “Auminso-Amantay” gold mine was commissioned;


- NMMC was awarded in the gold category for outstanding commitment, assistance and efforts in maintaining and improving quality management achievements;


- The Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) "For Invention" was awarded to 12 employees of Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat for the development and implementation of the “Method of gold recovery from persistent sulphide gold and arsenical ores”;


- a light and music fountain and a youth center "Kelajak" were built in Uchkuduk;


- the reconstruction of “Neptun” swimming pool was made in Zarafshan;


- “Sogdiana” stadium was reconstructed in Navoi;


- “Yangi Hayot” health complex was constructed in Zafarabad settlement;


- The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoev approved a program to increase the volume of precious metals production in the combinat, designed for 2017-2026;


- On March 28, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev, visiting the Navoi State Mining Institute, participated in the solemn ceremony dedicated to the start of construction of Hydrometallurgical Plant No. 5 of Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat based on Auminso-Amantay gold mine.




- Fountain Alley was built in Zarafshan;


- A new mine with a depth of 500 meters and a diameter of 6 meters was put into operation in Guzhumsay mine of Southern Mining Administration;


- Konchi health care center has been reconstructed in Uchkuduk;


- a children's recreation camp “Kelajak” was commissioned in Urgut district of Samarkand region;


- the pre-school educational institution “Kuzmunchok” was commissioned in Nurabad;


- a site for the production of rare and rare-earth metals was put into operation in Geotechnological Mine No.4 of Mining Administration No.5;


- October 18, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution “On measures for the broad celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of Navoi city and State Company “Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat”; 


- November 5, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution “On the approval of the feasibility study of Muruntau open-cast mine (phase V) stage I working off investment project”.




- On January 9,  the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution “On measures to improve the efficiency of the State Company “Navoi mining and metallurgical combinat”;

- On January 17, The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution “On measures to further improve the activities of enterprises in the mining and metallurgical industry”;

- Sanatorium “NMMC” was commissioned in Zaamin district of Jizzakh region;

- The “Children's town” was commissioned for pupils of the “Shodlik” relief house of Zarafshan;

- The “Oltin Kul” complex (“Golden Lake”) was commissioned in the Uchkuduk town;

- The Complex for high-efficiency firing of tails of the sorption process was commissioned at the Hydrometallurgical plant No.3 of the Northern mining administration;

- The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) granted the Navoi mining and metallurgical combinat a certificate confirming the success of the next test tests for full compliance with market requirements;

- The next stage of the “Fountain Alley” was commissioned in the center of Zarafshan;

- The livestock complex was commissioned In Kushrabat district of Samarkand region;

- The poultry factory for 20 thousand chickens was commissioned in Takhiatash district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan;

- In accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 29, 2019, tuner at the Guzhumsay mine site of Southern mining administration Komil Tangirov was awarded the title “O‘zbekiston Respublikasida xizmat ko‘rsatgan sanoat xodimi”, software engineer of the Center for information and communication technologies of Northern mining administration Alexander Khalturinsky was awarded the medal “Jasorat”.  




- There was opened a new hand-molded section in the foundry of Navoi machine-building plant;

- There was put into operation a section for galvanizing metals at Takhiatash plant of metal structures and non-standard equipment in Takhiatash region of the Republic of Karakalpakstan; 

- There were opened 2 new hostels for workers on the territory of the Daugiztau mine of Northern mining administration;

- On March 6, The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a resolution “On measures to reform the State enterprise “Navoi mining and metallurgical combinat”; 

- 25 years have passed since putting into operation the Hydrometallurgical plant №3 of Northern mining administration;

- 10 years have passed since putting into operation the Hydrometallurgical plant №4 of Southern mining administration;

- In accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 28, 2020, deputy chief engineer of NMMC for production Serob Isunts was awarded the title “O‘zbekiston Respublikasida xizmat ko‘rsatgan sanoat xodim”, miner of the Zarmitan mine of Southern mining administration Abdugani Usmonov – the order of “Mehnat Shuhrati”, head of the technical control service of NMMC Bakhtiyor Kholmurodov – the order “Do‘stlik”.

- As part of an investment project to expand the processing capacities of Hydrometallurgical plant №2 there were launched mill blocks №29, 30 at GMP-2 in the Central mining administration.

- As part of the first and the second stages of the investment project to increase the capacities of Hydrometallurgical plant №7 there were were put into operation four mill blocks at GMP-7 in the Central mining administration.

- There was launched a high-tech complex for the production of gold and silver measured ingots on the basis of the existing finished products department at Hydrometallurgical plant №2 in the Central mining administration. 

- There was opened the township for workers with 120 places at the "Zhingeldy" site in the Mining administration №5.



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