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ICT development

In execution of resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 3, 2014 No. PP-2158 "On measures to further implementation of information and communication technologies in real sector of economy" in NMMC realization of priority projects in the sphere of ICT, such as:

“Implementation of complex integrated information system on computerization of financial accounting and reporting, personnel management, operational and engineering and manufacturing activity in mining metallurgical sphere”

Result of implementation system:

– Timely consolidation of information for financial, accounting, statistical and other types of reporting and reducing the terms of their delivery.

– Timely collection and analysis of information about operational indicators and NMMC stocks reserves with the view of operational making a decision by management.

– System installation of relevant in law electronic document flow to NMMC.

– Modernization of outmoded computer equipment of NMMC subdivisions users.

– Technical re-equipping of server hardware

• Scaling of information system of follow-up actions of combustive and lubricating materials on the basis of satellite network monitoring of transport facilities. (IS “Control of CLM”)

Result of implementation system:

– saving of diesel oil

– ensuring of road safety

– reduction of specific power requirement of fuel rate

• Technical re-equipping of NMMC telecommunications systems

The result of NMMC telecommunications system is achieved through agreements between operators on organization of interstation junctions and mutual traffic transfer, and also tariffs for communications services. The system provides data communication for all users of NMMC information systems.

• Implementation of automated systems of operational dispatching control

Result of implementation system:

– Reduction the time of emergency outages

– operational adoption of correct decision

– monitoring of technological process in online mode

– assessment of emergency

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You are here: Main About NMMC ICT development