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Underground mining

At the present time, underground mining works are conducted at Zarmitan, Gujumsay, Urtalik, Muruntau and Karakutan mines. At all mines in the relevant mining conditions of exploitation (main operations on clearing, mining workings, mine transport and drilling operations) machines and complexes of self-propelled, imported, high-productively mining equipment are used (of «Atlas Copco», Sweden, «Sadvik», Finland "Rolandtecnic »PAUS, Germany firms and other).

Guzhumsay mine. As part of the South Mining Administration in 2010 a new mine Guzhumsay is opened on the same deposit. Start of launch complex with capacity of 150 thousand is executed. At the present time Guzhumsay mine rapidly gaining momentum for output in the short term to rated capacity. At new mine: AHF (administrative and household facility), dining room, shops for repair of mining equipment are built. Repair and renewal works of geological survey vertical well bore No.1 Г are executed. Inclined transport shaft No.5 Г is passed, on which uncovered four horizons.

Zarmitan mine. Zarmitan mine works at designed capacity. Ramp No.1- З and "Glavniy" vertical shafts, pits No.3, "Vspomogatelniy" shaft, shaft No.10 were built up, by which uncovered five horizons.

Urtalik deposit. Technical and economic project substantiation “Construction of a mining complex based on deposits gold ore zone Zarmitan. The third stage is "Urtalik" deposit (Promrjutochnoe)” developed by “Uzgeorangmetliti” institute and approved by the Ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers in September 2015.

The Urtalik deposit in technical limits of projected underground mine is opened on flank scheme by vertical cage shaft "Vspomogatelniy No. 6- Г" the same for two mine fields of Guzhumsay and Urtalik deposits, by ramp cropping out by ventilating and tubing risers. Today, the contract with the Non-public Joint Stock Company Bashkir Mine-Drifting Administration on shaft sinking is made. Bashkir Mine-Driving Administration began the work of preparatory period and drifting of technological waste.

According to the project time schedule the capital mining works will begin since 2015 and exploitation - since 2016 with outlet to designed capacity in 2018. 

In order to compensation  outlier capacities of mines of Zarmitan gold ore zone planned implementation of investment project PFS "Reproduction the bottom levels of mining complex on the base of Zarmitan gold ore zone deposits (up to the mountains + 300m)" At the present time, underground mining works are carried out.

To reduction hauling distance of ore mining mass against falling of mining works and deepening the underground mines, and also to improve schemes of ventilation in the PFS project on reproduction the bottom levels includes the construction of a vertical shaft "Centralniy-skipovoy." "Skip" shaft is designed to winding all extracted ore from Charmitan and Guzhumsay deposits.

Drilling and blasting works.

Drilling and blasting works in general technology complex of preparation the rock mass to processing are occupied one of the leading position. Thus, from the quality of drilling and crushing of rock mass in production of explosions are depend subsequent operations of technological cycle associated with excavation, loading and transportation.

For the last years in Navoi MMC numerous research works and pilot works are done, aimed to improving of drilling and blasting works. Put into exploitation high-production drilling rigs of ROC, Simba and Boomer types of "Atlas Copco" company production for blasthole drilling and holes on the open and underground mining works of NMMC.

In the process of manufacturing the blasting works used non-electric means of initiation "ISKRA" which permit to conduct drilling works safely. Besides, explosives of their own production are used, which make opportunity to set up blasting works efficiently.

Against the increasing in volume of rock mass excavation at the careers and at the pits of NMMC mines to providing blasting works by explosives in the required amount, the design works on building a new plant to production of packaged emulsion explosives of CMA are carried out.


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