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Open mining

In Navoi mining and metallurgical combinat, open mining works are carried out in open pit mines at Central, Northern, Southern mining administrations and Mining administration “HMP-1”. 

At Central mining administration:

- “Muruntau” mine

- “Unit of heap leaching of gold” mine

- “Auminzo-Amantoy” mine 

At Northern mining administration: 

- “Eastern” mine

- “Daugyztau” mine 

At Southern mining administration:

- “Mardjanbulak” mine

- “Zarmitan” mine

At Mining administration “HMP-1”:

- “Aristantau” mine 

In open mining works, the leading place is taken by the implementation of the investment project “Development of the Muruntau quarry. Phase V” in Central mining administration. At present, mining works are underway to open up and develop reserves of the northern side of the quarry. In 2021, it is planned to start developing reserves of the Besapantau, Chukurkuduk, Balpantau and Tamdybulak fields and increase the volume of production and supply of ore on Hydrometallurgical plant №2 to 50 million tons per year. 

Today the length of the Muruntau quarry is 4.3 kilometers, the width is 3.2 kilometers, and the depth is 600 meters. Mining-geological and mining-technical solutions used in the development of Phase V will make it possible to reach quarry’s depth to 1000 meters in the future. At the same time, recoverable reserves will be sufficient for 50 years to ensure the resource base. 


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You are here: Main Production Mining Open mining