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Our achievements

Science Integration into Production

It’s not a secret that implementation of up-to-date innovative technologies is associated with considerable financial investments, that is why NMMC management thoroughly analyzes, studies and investigates every new project with involving scientists of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, experts of leading design organizations research institutes and Higher Education Institutions of country. 
Scientific potential of NMMC is very high, and close cooperation with world leaders of mining and metallurgical industry accelerates innovative processes in market conditions, which, as a result, makes it possible to cut production costs. 
Currently seven Doctors of Engineering Science and over 30 Candidates of Technical Science work in NMMC. Hundreds of young engineers, technicians and workers of key trades annually upgrade their professional skills in regular functioning and well equipped training centers of NMMC. Strong relations with the largest industry research and academic institutes have been established. In cooperation with them technologies are improved and introduced, workforce productivity is raised, technical re-equipment is carried out, governmental programs on modernization and localization of production and investment projects are successfully implemented. 
Relationships with allied industries and inter-branch cooperation get stronger. 
For years of independence of Uzbekistan the role of scientific institutions of the country in NMMC activity has dramatically increased. The great scope of research and developmental works for NMMC are carried out by:

- UzgeorangmetLITI - Uzbek Research and Design Institute,

- Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan,

- “Kyzyltepageologiya” geological and prospecting group,

- Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan,

- Tashkent State Technical University,

- Tashkent Road Transport Institute,

- Navoi State Mining Institute, and etc.

Today there are more than 2.7 thousand deposits and various promising mineral occurrences, including about 100 kinds of mineral raw materials, of which more than 60 people have already involved in the production. More than 900 fields, where proven reserves are estimated at 970 billion US dollars, are explored. It should be noted that the total mineral and raw materials potential is estimated at more than 3.3 trillion US dollars. Annually from the interior of the Republic the minerals in the amount of about 5.5 billion dollars are extracted and new reserves are incremented by 6,0-7,0 billion.

In this vein, the study of problems of Kyzylkum region development, which is a unique economic and geographic complex with huge mineral resources, is an important interest. Socio-economic development of the Kyzylkum region is associated primarily with Navoi mining and metallurgical combinat (NMMC), which is a large city-forming enterprise, due to its significant production potential, extensive infrastructure, the availability of large multinational labor collectives, making a strong contribution to socio-economic development of the Republic. The strategy for the development of mineral resources, the prospects of reserves growth in existing fields, development of small-scale and technogenic deposits is devised.

Commissioning of new mining and metallurgical enterprises outfitted with up-to-date technique and equipment, an increased volume of export of finished products are a definite evidence of reforms implemented in Uzbekistan. New technologies and industrial intellect gained during 55 years of intensive work of NMMC are the key to success. 
Introduction of high technologies, expansion of mineral and raw-material base, increase in processing capacities, mobilization of the whole available potential and understanding of the tasks assigned to NMMC predetermine success of their performance in the future.

Quality standard

Quality of many types of output products meets the world highest standards. NMMC was one of the first in Uzbekistan to successfully implement in 2006 an integrated system of quality, environment, industrial safety and health management. The most essential condition of NMMC development strategy is the stable improvement of production management methods. In accordance with the plan of introduction of quality management systems meeting the relevant international standards NMMC has:

- implemented and got certified an integrated system of quality, environment, industrial safety and health management to comply with requirements of the following standards ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:1999;

- obtained Certificates for a field of application: “Precious metals and phosphorite production”, “Manufacture of polyvinylchloride and polyethylene pipes” and “Design and production of jewellery of precious metals alloys”.

Approval of the current management systems by international certification authorities confirms our ability to run the production at level of world standards, and this raises the prestige of NMMC and its good business reputation at the Republican and international levels.

Our key values

  • High quality of output products.
  • Innovation technologies.
  • Consistency. Stable improvement of professional qualification of employees and work as a close solidary team.
  • Active participation in social life, our production meets all up-to-date environmental requirements.
  • Over 55 year of steady operation and highest prestige in the Republic and abroad.
  • Availability of highly qualified personnel.

International Prizes

High quality and prestige of Uzbekistan’s gold were evaluated by a lot of prizes that NMMC obtained from various International Organizations: 
- “Editorial Office”, Madrid, Spain:
November 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995 – Awards for the Best Name in Trade;
June 1993 – Award for Commercial Prestige;
April 1993, 1994, November 1999, May 2002 – Awards for Quality;
October 1996 –10th Anniversary of the International Europe Award For Quality.
- “International Convention”, Mexico City, Mexico:
April 1993 – “Diamond Star for Quality”.
- “International Marketing and Quality Association”, Mexico City, Mexico:
November 1998 – “Worldwide Prestige Award” (“Agama” and “Zarispark” Firms were awarded).
- “Business Initiative Direction” (B.I.D.), Madrid, Spain:
November 1993, 1994 – “Gold Star for Quality”;
November 1994 - “Gold Star for Quality”, “American Prize for Technology”;
November 1996 – “World Quality Commitment Award”;
July 2000 – “Platinum Award for Excellence and Business Prestige”, Quality Summit in New-York;
July 2002 – “International Award for Quality”, Quality Summit in New-York (“Agama” Firm was awarded).
- “East Development Foundation”, Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.:
October 1995 – “Gold Globe” for contribution into development of the country economy and world economy integration. - EUROMARKET FORUM, Brussels, BELGIUM May 1998, 2000, 2002 - Trophy for Quality.
- Global Quality Management, Geneva, Switzerland November 2000 - “Quality and Effective Environmental Management Award”.
26th International Salon in Geneva, Switzerland: Bronze Medal, 1998. 
Association of Advanced Technologies in Mining Industry, Delaware, U.S.A.: certificate of Membership, 1999. 
NMMC’s gold was awarded the Good Delivery Status by Arbitrary Laboratory of London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) in 1994 and Quality Certificate by Tokyo Commodity Exchange in 1997.

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  • Helpline: 0(436) 227-72-22, +998 79 227-72-22

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