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state enterprise 

"Navoi Mining - Metallurgical Plant" 

the Republic of Uzbekistan ( NMSC )

ANNOUNCES competitive bidding ( tender ) for the project:

"Construction of a vertical shaft " Subsidiary number 6 - G " Guzhumsay mine ."

Completion Date - until 31 December 2015.

Construction will be DUE - equity NMMC .

The starting price of the customer is closed and will be announced at the opening and disclosure of quotations suppliers .

CLIENT - State Enterprise " Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine ", located at the Republic of Uzbekistan, Navoi , Navoi str. Navoi, 27.

Organizers - Regional Consulting Center of competitive bidding and pricing in the construction of the city of Tashkent .

Businesses and organizations acting as applicants must meet the following requirements: have a license for the construction of high risk and potentially hazardous industries , working capital of not less than 20% of the value of competitive bidding or bank guarantee to provide these funds , production facilities , labor resources and expertise required to perform work (services) have sufficient experience in facilities similar to the subject of competitive bidding , legal capacity and authority to enter into the contract.

When participating in tenders of domestic and foreign construction companies when evaluating bids provides the following price preferences for domestic contractors : during the bid evaluation participants , bids with imported supply of works (services ) for which importers in accordance with the law shall be exempt from tax value added in the amount specified doschityvayutsya tax.

To participate in the auction and purchase the bidding documents must request the organizer of trade - Regional Consulting Center in competitive bidding and pricing in construction in the city of Tashkent , at Tashkent str. Abaya , 6, komn.703 . The cost of one set of tender documentation is $ 200.

Offeree accepted the tender organizer to 18:00 hours ( local time) on February 10, 2014 at Tashkent str. Abaya , Building 6 , Room . 703 , tel. : 244-07-65 , fax : 244-12-17 .

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You are here: Main NEWS О комбинате Tenders and competitions Attention of organizations and businesses!