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State Company Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat is known in Uzbekistan as a diversified enterprise, producing different products for economy sectors of the country. Its subdivisions are located in seven regions of the republic, and the labor collective includes more than 59.000 people. Our country is in the top docile of world countries in proven reserves and inferred resources of gold, uranium, copper, tungsten, abraum salts, phosphates, kaolin, and others. The main deposits of gold and uranium are concentrated in the Central Kyzylkum region, and are subject to Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat activity.

Despite the breadth of the output products range, the priority area of NMMC activity is stay the commercial exploitation of mineral resources, and the main products are gold and uranium. The whole activity life of the combine as mining and metallurgical company, executing come full circle of manufacture from explorations, ore mining, its processing, to getting of gold alloy (999.9) and uranium oxide concentrate is built on them.

Besides manufacturing the main products, NMMC is engaged of mining and processing phosphorite raw materials, produces sulfuric acid. Manufacturing of liquid glass, emulsion explosives, polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene pipes is sat up. On the basis of domestically-produced raw materials approved manufacture of building materials: road metal, concrete, asphalt concrete, foundry sand, limestone, facing products made from gabbro, marble and granite.

Combine provides services in repair of industrial equipment. Producing machine tools, construction metal structure, welding electrodes, household appliances, foodstuffs, knitted outwear products and other consumer goods.

NMMC innovation policy is aimed at renewal existing production base, technical re-equipping, implementation of advanced scientific research results.

After the issue of President Resolution of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 15, 2008 No.PP-916 "On additional measures to stimulate implementation of innovative projects and technologies to manufacturing" innovation activity in the combine is given renewed momentum. Thanks to the active support and incessant attention from the Government and the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan personally, combine in the years of independence is able not only to resist in the top ten of the world's leading companies, but also to confirm as the powerful industrial giant, of the unique State Company.

In the combine worked out and implemented unique and innovative technologies. Advanced technology of flotation concentration of refractory sulfide gold ore introduced at HMP-3. Method of bacterial oxidation of refractory sulfide gold concentrates was gone into production, which was adapted for Kyzylkum region conditions. The technology of coal-sorption cyanidation of bacterial oxidation products was gone into production. For life activity, growth and reproduction of bacteria growing medium is used, created by Republic experts and scientists.

NMMC has uniquely software and hardware complex, which permit to solve the problems of construction: mathematical models of mineral recourses and valuation of recoverable reserves; optimally graphical schedule of mining works; final and intermediate forms of careers. In perspective, it will permit to extend the period of stable work of hydrometallurgical plants for the next 100 years, and optimize the work of combine mining and processing complexes.

Professional qualification of combine specialists permit to solve: problems of reclamation mineral resources; mining technological problems, transportation and ores processing.

Strong links with the largest industry, scientific and research and academic institutes are established. Inter-industry cooperation is intensively developed.

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You are here: Main NMMC