Summarizing the results of the year

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On February 6,2012 Sanakulov K.S., Doctor of Engineering Science, Director General, Oliy Majlis senator, addressed a meeting in NMMC Head office.

In his speech Mr. Sanakulov gave a detailed account on 2011 results, emphasizing that this year passed under the sign of the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Uzbekistan for NMMC work collective as well as for the whole country. “Our collective felt once again what important part Uzbek president Karimov I.A. and the state government assign to the development of Navoi Mining Metallurgical Combinat”, noted Kuvandik Sanakulovich, naming every hero of labour, who were awarded with high awards timed to Fatherland anniversary and who became the pride of the whole Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat.

The main achievements and objects put into operation in the past year were listed.

By the decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

the title of “honourable worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan” was bestowed to Lakkay Nikolay Edmundovich, PA “Navoi Machine Building Plant” director;

“Dustlik” order was awarded to Lopatin Yuriy Sergeevich, head of mining transport department of Muruntau mine, Central Mining Administration;

“Mekhnat shukhrati” order was awarded to Sakhatov Ismatulla Samatovich, diesel locomotive operator of Railway Transport Board, Central Mining Administration;

“Soglom avlod uchun” order was awarded to Butko Irina Anatolievna, gymnastics coach, Navoi town sport school for children and youth;

“Fidokorona hizmatlari uchun” order was awarded to Sanakulov Kuvandik, Director General, State Company Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinate;

“Shukhrat” medals were awarded to Janakhmetov Seridjan, soloist of “Sovremennik” Palace of Culture, Uchkuduk; Akhatov Nematillo Asatovich, Director, Hydrometallurgical Plant No.3, Northern Mining Administration; Boyko Ivan Ivanovich, electro-gas welder, concrete products plant, Zarafshan Construction Administration, Imomov Kamil Khudayarovich, 1st class driver, motor pool No.9, Central Mining Administration; Petrenko Aleksandr Vasilyevich, chief mechanic of Hydrometallurgical Plant No.2, Central Mining Administration; Tangirov Komil Abdirasulovich, shaftman of mining department, Zarmitan mine, Southern Mining Administration.

The main achievements and objects put into operation in the past year were listed.

The only high-angle conveyor in the world, which has 270m of rock lifting height, was put into operation in Muruntau mine.

Milling section No.11 at HMP-2 was reconstructed, which allowed to increase its productivity by half, the fifth lime burning furnace was put into operation.

Phase 5 leaching pad in Gold Heap Leaching Department is being built at high pace. Putting this object into operation is planned in Quarter 1, 2012.

At HMP-3, Northern Mining Administration, Phase II of biooxidation technology of hard-to-process sulphide ores was put into operation, which will make it possible to gradually increase gold production up to 26.7% of the total amount produced by NMMC.

Hydrometallurgical Plant No.4, Southern Mining Administration, which was built within the shortest possible terms, ramped up its design capacity. The latest technology of fine gold gravitation extraction using intensive gravity method, cyanidation of concentrates with high gold grade, intensive cyanidation of graviconcentrate, performed on the equipment of Australian company GEKKO, are mastered. Currently the Combinat youngest plant gives 8 per cent of the precious metal to NMMC “savings box”.

By the end of 2011 year results the phosphorite products supply programme for processing plants of Uzbekistan was fully implemented in Kyzylkum Phosphorite Complex (KPC). The enhancement of KPC production capacities, which will allow to increase calcined phosphorite concentrate output by 1.8 times, is planned.

In 2011 NMMC executed the state order for refined gold by 100.1%, net cost of the produced goods was successfully lowered by 2.7 per cent.

On the uranium underground leaching grounds production facilities are being re-equipped and worn manufacturing equipment is being replaced, works on new deposits development are being continued. Mining complexes in Meylisay, Severniy Kanimekh, Alendy deposits have been constructed. In Aulbek, Severniy Mayzak mining works with the use of minireagent technologies are being performed.

A modern poultry-farm for 70 thousand layer-hens was put into operation in “Dustlik” agrofirm, a youth sport complex was commissioned in Marjanbulak town, and rural medical posts were opened in Papanay and Juskuduk villages.

This year a 7-storey dwelling house in Zarafshan, 5 cottages and 2 hostels for workers in Zarkent village, 6 cottages in Zafarabad cottage have been built and commissioned.

Through the Fund of social support to NMMC personnel 389 workers of the Combinat were issued a loan and provided material assistance to the amount of over 7bln. soums.

283 employees were issued a loan for first installment of their “Qishloq Qurilish Bank”credit to the amount of 6 278mln. soums for housing development in rural area.

2011 is remembered as a year of small business and entrepreneurship. Total amount used for the programme exceeded 7 billion soums.

In 2012 the industrial production volume will increase thanks to the construction of new facilities, implementation of investment projects approved by the Republic government and this will have an impact on the well-being of the Combinat workers. This is especially actual as the coming 2012 year is announced by the President the year of a close-knit family and I would like to emphasize that our collective became a big, close-knit and very friendly family,-said Mr. Sanakulov.

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