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You are here: Main Media There was launched the mill block №30 at GMP-2

There was launched the mill block №30 at GMP-2

Large investment projects are being implemented gradually, aimed at both the construction of new capacities for the extraction and processing of gold ore, and the expansion, reconstruction, technical re-equipment of existing hydrometallurgical plants at the units of Navoi mining and metallurgical combinat.  

In particular, by the project “Expansion of the processing capacities of Hydrometallurgical plant №2” the mill block №29 was put into operation in March this year ahead of schedule, which has already processed 1.8 million tons of ore. This plant carries out technological processes from grinding ore, containing precious metals, to obtaining finished products in the form of high-quality cast gold. The launch of the mill block №30 next to the mill block №29 was a significant event for GMP-2’s team. The construction of the mill block №30 was started in January of this year and was put into operation on October 1.

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The launch of these blocks is aimed at a gradual increase in the volume of ore processing at the plant. Compared to last year, it is planned to process more than 2.5 million tons of ore due to new mills. Today, technical and mechanical work has been completed here, work is underway to introduce an automated process control system. An automated system, based on the latest hardware and software, helps specialists from the plant’s units have access to a website that contains information on key technological parameters such as ore, water, electricity and fuel consumption.   

For nine months of 2020, the plan for the production of commercial products was fulfilled by 104.2 percent at Hydrometallurgical plant №2. Compared to the same period of last year, the growth rate amounted to 104.9 percent. The order for the supply of gold to the republic’s treasury was fulfilled by 103.7 percent. The plan to reduce the cost of production was fulfilled by 102 percent. Significant cost savings were achieved by reducing energy consumption, efficient use of raw materials, reducing losses in technological processes, increasing labor productivity and reducing other production costs. This year, the plant is scheduled to process 47 million tons of ore. Such statistics are based on the results of the laborious work of about three thousand two hundred employees of the plant. 

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You are here: Main Media There was launched the mill block №30 at GMP-2