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Uranium production

NMMC is the only operator in Uzbekistan, carrying the uranium mining and production for export the finished product in the uranium oxide. The foundation of the mineral reserve base of uranium production comprised of 21 deposits and 7 prospective areas. Uranium industry intensively developed at the expense of increasing production on operating enterprise and putting into exploitation the new objects.

Since 1994 all uranium mining in Navoi MMC carried out only by underground leaching method (UL) through the system of geotechnical wells constructed on the surface. This technology has allowed increase the resource base by engaging to flowback the low-grade ore deposits of sandstone-type processing which was previously considered uneconomic.

In accordance with the requirements of the time, Navoi MMC pursues a policy of technical rearmament, aimed to improving the quality of products and costs reduce.

During the years of independence, Uzbekistan has done a great work on widening the production capacities of combine and put into the refining of new promising deposits.

Development of NMMC uranium production moves with the demand of the whole spectrum of necessary goods and materials.

At the present days there are six UL mines, into refining involved the recourses of 21 deposits. Producing on mines uranium-containing product exposed to final processing in HMP-1, after what it is in the quality of a finished product (uranium oxide) is applied to realization.

To auxiliary facilities of NMMC uranium enterprises are referred to sulfuric acid plant of the Northern Mining Board and also a workshop for the production of Southern Mining Board tubular products.

Manufactured by tubular workshop of South Mining Board products used in geotechnical NMMC mines for tubing technology wells, as well as for surface binding of winning blocks. At the present time on production mastered the delivery of more than 46 pipes sizes. Put into the work on production pipes allowed to combine fully to provide the annual needs not only the uranium underground leaching subdivisions but also other combine enterprises.

Along with SMB pipe production one of the major support facilities in the production of uranium is sulfuric acid production, which situated in the Northern Mining Board. Along with providing in own subdivisions sulfuric acid is also performed the shipping of reagent by chemical and energy industries enterprises situated in Navoi region.

In NMMC more attention is paid to environmental and radiation safety, control of working conditions and environmental protection. Radiation and dosimetric control are realized especially created for this services, and also regional and central authorities.

According to the experts conclusion of the International Atomic Energy Agency the uranium technologies level created by engineering idea of our specialists exceeds the world average level, and mini-reagent technology is unequalled.


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You are here: Main Production Uranium production