For endless ore and strength of the country

Nasiba Shamuradova’s article «For endless ore and strength of the country» is devoted to Hero of Uzbekistan Panin Anatoliy Nikolayevich.
Young people ask Panin A.N., the excavator drivers brigade leader, a lot - in fact, one of the most asked questions he get is “How to be a hero ?” , in 1995 Panin A.N.  was awarded the high honour “Hero of Uzbekistan”  with medal “Gold star”.
But his work history speaks for itself, since 1970 till now, during 47 years he is working at the Vostochniy mine with faith and passion. For good work he is the recipient of several honours and awards, such as «Trudovaya Slava» the third grade, with medal (“Labour Glory ”), by award pin “Miner Glory” with all three grades, as well as “The best excavator driver” and “NMMC veteran”. Panin A.N. is not looking for the easy life, he is always at front line of the hardest production areas.