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Celebrations in Zafarabad

On the eve of the significant date was opened locally-sorption installation-5, located on the Severniy Kanimekh deposit in GTM-2 of MA-5. Also on the eve of the holiday reconstruction of the former kindergarten №3 in Zarafshan for exemplary housing for 42 young professionals and their families was completed.
The main celebrations were traditionally held at the CSC «Yoshlik». The celebratory program was permeated with the theme of peace and inter-ethnic harmony that prevails in our country. Artists sang songs in different languages on the stage. At such moments we are all well aware how independence is great, because, thanks to it, our children opened the floodgates in the international arena.

Nafisa Sagatbaeva.

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You are here: Main Выпуск №17 от 15.09.2016 Celebrations in Zafarabad