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The issue of occupational health and safety compliance is of particular importance in Central Mining Administration. Therefore, the decision of NMMC Management and Trade Council to hold competition "The best expert on laws and regulations" was particularly timely in Central Mining Administration.
As a result of the two stages of the competition won Anvar Mavlonov, the chief of MTA, on the second place is Utkir Mamatov, the mining operations engineer of WGHL, on the third place is Nodirbek Tadzhidinov, the mechanic of WGHL. Zohid Omonov, the mining master of "M" mine was awarded with runner-up prize.
A similar competition was held among the workers of "Vostochny" mine in Northern Mining Administration. Here the first place took Talatjon Azamatovich Karimov, the process engineer. The second place took Hikmat Ikramovich Rakhmatov, the deputy chief of mechanical-repair workshop, and on the third place is Fazliddin Toshhonovich Soibnazarov, the race path master of railway workshop. The employer of motor transport base №1 Rinat Sayafovich Altynbaev awarded with runner-up prize.

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You are here: Main Выпуск №2 от 27.01.2017 "THE BEST EXPERT ON LAWS AND REGULATIONS"