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The invention of Sardor

The article of Nafisa Vahidova "The invention of Sardor" ("Sardorning kashfiyoti") tells of 19-year-old Sardor Rakhmonov, who invented a new method for the production of biogas. In 2015 after graduation from Navoi Mining College with a degree in "Mechanical technician on surface mining operations" S. Rahmonov has been employed in Mining Administration "HMP-1".

- I was the winner of III Republican exhibition "My contribution to the development of the motherland" in the nomination "The most exemplary young entrepreneur of the year, - said Sardor. - I had the opportunity to conclude a contract with the company as a private entrepreneur. The implementation of my project will not only meet the needs of the population in natural gas, but also improve the environment and our city.

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You are here: Main Выпуск №2 от 28.01.2016 The invention of Sardor