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They provide heat, water and gas

Industrial heating and water workshop is considered one of the most difficult departments of Central Mining Administration. Its main task is the uninterrupted supply consumers of energy in the form of steam, heat, hot and cold water, gas, and drainage and sewage treatment, upkeep the equipment and systems of steam, heat and water supply, pumping stations and drainage systems, gas equipment, gas systems, internal cable lines. The workshop structure includes 9 sections, which employs 684 people of 47 professions.

Over the past three years in the workshop achieved a reduction of energy resources by an average of 17.4 percent. 50 years of workshop operation are behind, but in future there are more interesting, important tasks with which the workshop staff will certainly cope.

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You are here: Main Выпуск №24 от 29.12.2016 They provide heat, water and gas