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Muruntau – opening of centre

Even in the fifth century BC, Herodotus wrote in his "History in nine books" in the area between the Syr Darya and Amu Darya, where now lies the space of Kyzylkum, lived nomadic tribes Massagetae that iron and silver are not consumed, because these metals in their the country was not, but the gold and copper were in abundance ...

It took decades of hard work of scientists and geologists to pave the road to riches desert. Since the mid 50-ies of the last century at the foot of Muruntau increasingly began to appear campgrounds geologists.

Today Muruntau field symbolizes the heroic labor of hundreds of thousands of people, is the most important object of the country and serves to strengthen the economic power and prosperity of our independent Republic.

Thanks to gold Muruntau appeared "miracle city" in the center of the Kyzylkum Zarafshan with all modern infrastructure, however, is a different story... 

Ansat Maemgenov.

Джураев Абдумажид Ирисович

Начальник Пресс-центра – пресс-секретарь – советник генерального директора НГМК по вопросам информационной политики. 

+ (998 79) 2277-473 


Садриддинов Низомиддин Хайриддинович

Редактор газеты «Кончилар ҳаёти».

+ (998 79) 2277-464


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You are here: Main Выпуск №3 от 10.02.2017 Muruntau – opening of centre