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Geotechnological mine No.2 of NMMC’s Mining Administration No.5 for the years of independence went out to the way of new development. Team’s lineup is filled by graduates of higher education institutes and professional colleges of the republic.

In 2005, put into operation a new section "Shimoliy Kanimeh" on drilling of geotechnical holes and products mining operations.

- Last year our team carried out the plan on finished product out put by 100 percent. Now, as always, the task that faces us - the development of "Shimoliy Kanimekh" mine, noticed K.Dzhalgasbekov the head of GTM-2.


Джураев Абдумажид Ирисович

Начальник Пресс-центра – пресс-секретарь – советник генерального директора НГМК по вопросам информационной политики. 

+ (998 79) 2277-473 


Садриддинов Низомиддин Хайриддинович

Редактор газеты «Кончилар ҳаёти».

+ (998 79) 2277-464


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  • General Department, chancellery: 0(436) 227-71-64, +9989 79 227-71-64
  • Helpline: 0(436) 227-72-22, +998 79 227-72-22

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You are here: Main Edition №3 from 12.02.2015 TO NEW FRONTIERS