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High Technologies

For many years NMMC’s industrial complex for gold mining and processing works steady with high technicoeconomic results. During independence years volume of gold production increased by 1.5 times. These achievements were reached owing to full technical re-equipment of the existing operations, construction of new facilities as well as to application of recent scientific – engineering designs significantly increasing gold production efficiency. First of all such designs include researches carried out by NMMC together with INTEGRA GROUP Ltd (USA) and INTEGRA Closed Joint-Stock Company (Russia) Companies, as well as VNIPIPROMTechnology Institute (Russia), Tashkent State Engineering University, Seismology Institute of Academy of Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Institute of Nature Use and Ecological Problems of the National Mining Academy of Ukraine. The experience in designing, construction and operation of open pits shows that cost efficiency of mining facility in many respects depends on the proper construction decision, selection of the technology and mining mode, calendar distribution of overburden and ore volumes as well as type of comprehensive mechanization of production processes. To optimize development of mining facilities we designed and put into operation the new special computer aided technologies that are not inferior to western ones in this respect and even exceed them. 

1. System for Computer-Aided Design of Mining Works (SCAD MW)
SCAD MW works together with “ORE” Computer-Based System (CBS). The tasks of providing mining works with geological – surveying data are solved within the frames of these systems. It also includes tasks of current and perspective planning of the deposit development. Based on the results of explosion wells sampling containing in special Data Base, problem set-up (model) for simulation of operation block is formed. The procedure of grade plans drawing up is a core of “ORE” CBS which is successfully used more than 10 years. In particular, owing to application of this System, 6% increase in economic ore output without ore deterioration was reached, which made it possible to extend the period of development of the third stage of Muruntau open pit reserves without increase of mining works volume. 
2. Computer Aided Technology for Generation of Mathematical Model Simulating a Complex Structure Deposit and for its Reserves Calculating
Based on the computer aided technology which is practically new and do not have any analogue in the world, mathematical model of Muruntau Deposit was generated for the first time and computer aided multichoice calculation of its reserves was made. Results of well sampling and excavation in the process of exploratory works were used as a data base. Use of mathematical model for the reserves calculation allows 2-2.5 times decrease of systematic error. At the same time relative error in the reserves evaluation obtained using the model decreased as follows: for ore – from 20.7% to 9.5%; for gold – from 23.2% to 14.8%. Thus the more reliable evaluation of raw material base of the Deposit was obtained and it was used for designing the stage IV of Muruntau open pit. 
3. Computer Technologies for Generating Optimal Final Shape for an Open Pit and Its Development Schedule Based on Mathematical Model of the Deposit
This technology makes it possible to obtain a determination of the open pit borders (with prescribed angles of a pit edges slope, berms, etc.), within which all profitable reserves will occur as well as to draw up a schedule of its development taking into account restrictions on the speed of a pit lowering. It should be noted that WITTLE-4D program used by western companies for the similar purposes is not able to consider the above restrictions, which makes this technology a unique one, not having the analogues in the world. It was used in development the of Muruntau open pit (stage IV). In comparison with Feasibility Study for stage IV (made by All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Industrial Technologies Designing in 1992) the volume of mineable mass in new borders decreased significantly (more than by 40%).
4. Automated Control System for Vehicle Routing inside an Open Pit (ACS VROP)
The feature of the system is use of GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation system which makes it possible to determine position (with high accuracy) of every mobile or stationary subject using radio signals from communication satellite. ACS VROP interacts with System for Computer-Aided Design of Mining Works (SCAD MW) and with Automated System for Mined Ore Quality Control (AS MOQC). Information about equipment position and movement as well as mined ore quantities data are transmitted to the control point and to the server in a form acceptable for use in SCAD MW programs. On the other side information from some CADS MW subsystems (grade plan, surveyor data, drilling plan and etc.) is transmitted to AS MOQC and then to ACS VROP. Efficiency of the applied system is based on 8-10% increase of the effectiveness of the vehicle and excavator complex operation at the mine. 
5. Automated System for Mined Ore Quality Control (AS MOQC)
The operator of excavator mines ore according to surveying rods that are installed on the ore block after its explosion. Since it is very difficult to mine ore according to surveying rods (especially in the night time), it results in unnecessary ore losses and its dilution by the waste rock. To decrease this negative impact on excavation selectivity as much as possible the Automated System for Mined Ore Quality Control was developed at Muruntau open pit (ore quantity and ore grade control) using the above mentioned GPS cosmic navigation system. Owing to computer the excavator’s operator always knows the grade of the ore loaded by him into dump-truck and the system simultaneously controls whether the ore is delivered to the prescribed warehouse. According to preliminary evaluations AS MOQC makes it possible to sort waste rock, which results in 2-3% losses decrease, 5-6% dilution reduction and therefore about 1-3% mined ore grade increase. It also allows 10-15% increase of economic ore output owing to its mining from sub-economic blocks; 10-15% increase of sub-economic ore output from blocks of mineralised mass; 10-15% increase of mineralised mass output from blocks of internal stripping.
6. Technology of Preliminary Gold-Sulphide Ore Concentration by Sorting
Technology for preliminary upgrading of sulphide gold ores (the patent holder is INTEGRA GROUP Ltd. , USA) accepted by NMMC for commercial use provides for application of X-Ray – Radiometric Separators that are designed by the same company. Usage of the technology of preliminary ore upgrading makes it possible to: - significantly improve quality of the feed ore delivered for hydro-metallurgical processing at the plant (about twice increase of gold concentration); - involve additional gold quantity into processing owing to extraction of high grade ore type from poor and economic ore, which is the most efficient for this process. Simultaneously with introduction of benefication of sulphide gold ore NMMC develops a complex of research works aimed to upgrade Muruntau type of ore containing “free” gold. Examples of sorting based on indirect features of this ore are unknown anywhere in the world.
7. Technology of Gamma-Activation Analysis of Gold-Bearing Ores
NMMC together with All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics & Automation (ARSRITPA) and Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Physical Equipment (SRIEPE) designed and put into operation “AURA” Plant for gamma-activation analysis of gold ore in previously weighed samples with use of bremsstrahlung from Linear Electron Accelerator (LEA – 8-5) with 0.6g/t gold determination limit. Laboratory of Gamma-Activation Analysis founded at Muruntau open pit is a unique one and it has no analogues in the world analytical practice. Since 1992 NMMC together with ARSRITPA and SRIEPE has been carrying out step-by-step re-equipment of the Gamma-Activation Laboratory. They designed and manufactured “ASTAT”, computer-aided Gamma-Activation Plant using advanced circuit technology. In contrast to “AURA”, “ASTAT” uses “five-windows” version of gamma-spectrometry, which makes it possible to consider influence of interfering elements in fuller measure. Owing to use of two scintillation detectors the duration of the analysis reduced from 17 to 8 seconds. It is possible to realize determination of other elements at this Plant. Modernization of Linear Electron Accelerators resulted in significant improvement of technical performances, which meets the requirements of gamma-activation analysis in industry.
8. The resource-saving in-line transport of rock mass on the basis of high-angle conveyer HAC-270
The in-line transport on the basis of the HAC-270, which is entered into industrial operation on June 21, 2011, by the lifting height of the rock mass equal to 270 m at an angle of 37 degrees, with the performance of 3500 t / h and the specified annual capacity of 13 million tons, the originality of technological and design solutions is a unique engineering construction, exceeding the advanced world standards.
The high-angle lifting of rock mass can significantly increase an economically viable depth of mine Muruntau pit. During transportation of mining mass by road transport with using a HAC-270 set, the transportation distance in average is reduced by 3.6 km, the running is per 40%, only for the 2012 year the operating expenses are reduced by 2.87 bln. UZS. 
Achievements are reflected in publications, patents and patent applications, aroused a great interest at international conferences and in the mining industry of the world.
Uzbekistan’s Scientists Contribution
The below listed Institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan made an important contribution into scientific & research and testing & designing works for NMMC: Scientific research and project institute of geotechnology "O’zGEOTEXLITI", Institute of Nuclear Physics of Academy of Science of Uzbekistan, “Kyzyltepageology” State Geology Company, Microbiology Institute of Academy of Science of Uzbekistan, “Tekholog” Scientific- Commercial Association, Tashkent State Technical University, Tashkent Auto Road Institute, Institute of Common and Inorganic Chemistry of Academy of Science of Uzbekistan, Fertilizes Institute of Academy of Science of Uzbekistan, Navoi State Mining Institute, “Uzbekistan” Association for Scientific – Industrial, Foreign Economic and Business Co-operation and other scientific-research organizations.

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You are here: Main Innovative technologies