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You are here: Main Media The work “The book of secrets of secrets” was published

The work “The book of secrets of secrets” was published

By the initiative of the managment of Navoi mining and metallurgical combinat, the work of Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariy Ar-Razi “The book of secrets of secrets” was published.

9 сентября3

In 1957, the book “The unknown work of ar-Razi “The book of secrets of secrets” of the author Ubaydulla Karimov was published in russian language. Due to the importance of this monograph, it was necessary to publish it in the uzbek language. NMMC’s specialists in cooperation with scientists from Institute of oriental studies named Abu Raykhon Beruni of the Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan, translated the book into uzbek language and presented it to readers.

Orientalist scientist Ubaydulla Karimov (1920-1997) was the first to familiarize the scientific community with the scientific activities of Ar-Razi. This book contains chapters on topics such as dyeing silver inside and outside, increasing the amount of gold, bringing low quality gold and colored silver to pure gold, and roasting lead, copper, and iron. As noted by U. Karimov, in this book Ar-Razi described that for the first time in the history of chemistry reagents can return to their original state through reverse reactions.

The edition is intended for specialists, researchers, students, as well as those who interests chemistry and metallurgy.  

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You are here: Main Media The work “The book of secrets of secrets” was published