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Award to decent of work

In the national competition, held the Head Office of Fire Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Health Department of the State Enterprise «Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinate» awarded the 1st place and was awarded the Certificate of Merit the1st degree in the nomination «Exemplary social object on fire».
A number of managers and specialists of the combinate is an example of fire safety on social sites, given monetary rewards. Among them, the chief of health department A.Mirzaev, head of emergency services H.Tuhtamishev, director of the hydrometallurgical plant №2 V.Shteer, head of emergency services and industrial control of facilities «Bessopan» of the Central Mine Administration B. Yusupov.

Джураев Абдумажид Ирисович

Начальник Пресс-центра – пресс-секретарь – советник генерального директора НГМК по вопросам информационной политики. 

+ (998 79) 2277-473 


Садриддинов Низомиддин Хайриддинович

Редактор газеты «Кончилар ҳаёти».

+ (998 79) 2277-464


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You are here: Main Выпуск №4 от 25.02.2016 Award to decent of work