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8 января

By the middle of the twentieth century on the territory of Kyzylkum work on the study and extraction of minerals began, which for centuries remained unexplored. As a result of these studies, Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine was formed in 1958 to process uranium reserves found in Uchkuduk.

Formation and development of the Combine and its transformation into a giant enterprise is the result of selfless hard-working and courageous people who are able to solve the most complex engineering, technical and social problems. These people spared no effort for the cause to which they devoted their lives. Today, a huge enterprise occupies a special place in strengthening the economic power of the state.

In the years of independence, as a result of the efforts of highly qualified employees of the Combine, as well as nthe implementation of science-based strategy of technical re-equipment of its units, ore production and processing, product quality increased, export volume increased. Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine is one of the ten leading world companies – the producers of gold and uranium. 

The years of sovereignty have opened wide opportunities for modernization and diversification of production. And this, in turn, provided an accelerated and comprehensive development of the Combine. Special attention should be paid to the fact that over the past decade the Combine has built enterprises equipped with advanced technologies, producing competitive products in foreign markets that meet international standards. In particular, the technology of sulfide ore processing by bacterial oxidation method has been successfully implemented in Hydrometallurgical plant No. 3. The Central Mining Department put into operation a workshop for heap leaching of gold and a plant for emulsion explosives, the Southern Mining Department-Hydrometallurgical plant No. 4, at the «Muruntau» mine - the only most powerful steep inclined conveyer.

Thanks to the support of the head of state, there is a further expansion of the scope of work on the construction of new production enterprises in the Combine, equipping them with advanced technologies, the implementation of investment projects. This ensures an increase in the production and processing of gold ore and uranium. 

Due to the technical and technological re-equipment of the Combine, the production of gold, silver and uranium in the country has almost doubled. The sign «999,9» on the gold bricks of the Combine has become a brand of Uzbekistan in the world markets of precious metals.

Organization and consistent development of modern production in Uzbekistan, commissioning of new enterprises contribute to the economic potential of our country. Work on the construction of Hydrometallurgical plant No. 5, which was launched in 2017 by the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, is proceeding at a rapid pace. Today Zarafshan region has become a platform of great creative work. The friendly staff of the Combine mobilized all its possibilities for realization of these grandiose tasks.

Divisions of Navoi mining and metallurgical combinat:

- Northern mining administration.

- Central mining administration.

- Southern mining administration.

- Mining administration «HMP-1».

- Mining administration No. 5.

- Navoi machine-building plant.

- Zarafshan construction administration.

- Geological exploration expedition.

- Central scientific-research laboratory.

- Office for production automatization.

- Central material and technical base.

- Information and communication technologies department.

- Service of departmental military protection.

- Spinning and knitting factory «Agama».

- Housing and communal services.

- Agrofirm «dustlik». 


On the path of innovative development

In a market economy, each enterprise should have a development strategy based on innovation activity. Since innovation is the future, production is unthinkable without innovative technologies. In recent years, the Combine carries out research work on the development of the industry on the basis of the strategy carefully thought out and designed for many years, production facilities are created that use energy and resource-saving technologies. The most important is the educated and courageous local staff trained to manage modern production facilities on the basis of innovative technologies.

In 2018, in order to develop research and innovation activities, the Combine established an Innovation center and adopted a Program of innovative development of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine until 2026. The introduction of 105 innovative projects of the program will create great prerequisites for improving the efficiency of production and processing of gold-bearing ores and uranium, reducing the cost of production and expanding the number of export products.

The Combine employs more than ten thousand people with higher education, including 31 candidates of science and 7 doctors of sciences. In 2017, for the first time in the history of the mining and metallurgical industry of Uzbekistan, the specialists and scientists of  NMMC and Navoi State Mining Institute received the Gold medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization at the UN «For invention». The gold medal was awarded for the development and implementation of the «Method of extracting gold from persistent sulfide gold-arsenic ores».

By paying special attention to the development of intellectual property in the Navoi mining and metallurgical Combine, the Agency for intellectual property has received many patents, copyright certificates for inventions, utility models, industrial designs and databases. At the same time, applications for inventions and utility models have been submitted to the international patent organizations. Application of rationalization proposals from employees and engineers of the Combine in the production on a constant basis ensures the production of products that meet the requirements of international standards, accelerated introduction of modern technologies in the industry.

Qualified personnel – the key to success

The main strategy of the personnel policy of the Combine has been and remains unchanged - timely and high-quality acquisition of existing and newly commissioned facilities of the Combine by qualified specialists and highly qualified workers, training of qualified specialists and workers. The system approach to the issues of personnel policy of the works, care of personnel, their professional growth, creation of a worthy reserve of personnel, improvement of their skills and development of practical skills was and remains one of the main tasks.

In six training centers of the Combine special attention is paid to the training of young specialists and highly qualified workers. To date, the local workforce, comprising more than 93 per cent of workers and more than 90 per cent of managers, is the result of systemic measures taken in the industry to train local engineers.

To date, the management of the important tasks is trusted to young professionals modern and creatively thinking, capable to take responsibility, energetic and bold, educated and patriotic. In all works carried out within the framework of the Combine development, they are distinguished by initiative and a new approach to all issues.

For the training of specialists and qualified personnel in demand for the mining industry of our country, cooperation with higher education institutions has been well-established. One of the main universities that provide the Combine with specialists is the Navoi State Mining Institute, for which a new educational building was built. The Institute is equipped with modern laboratory equipment. 14 doctors of science and 46 candidates of science teach students the secrets of knowledge at the Institute. It trains qualified engineering and technical personnel, miners, metallurgists, mechanics and power engineers for large industrial enterprises of the region.

Such good deeds as constant support of young people by the management of the Combine, increase of their activity in the life of the society and the enterprise, involving them in the performance of responsible tasks bear fruit.

Social sphere: the focus is on human interests

In our country, much attention is paid to the improvement of social conditions for the population and their full social support. Over the past two years, our people are extremely pleased with the effectiveness of the reforms and the work carried out.

One of the main directions of the Combine is attention to the human factor and its social protection. As only with the help of the mechanism of strong social protection and social guarantees it is possible to ensure the consistent development of the enterprise and the creation of social conditions for people.

To meet the needs of the Combine's employees in modern housing in recent years, more than 1.3 thousand people have been given interest-free loans for the purchase of comfortable houses built on standard projects in cities and rural areas.

To date, the Combine pays great attention to improving the health of workers and getting them modern medical services. High-quality medical care is provided to employees and their families in the Health Department and in five of its health units on site. They have all the conditions for the provision of medical services.

Today, in order to honor good traditions and values, improve spiritual and intellectual potential, consciousness, thinking and outlook of employees, especially young people, attention is paid to improving the culture of reading among them. They make productive use of 11 libraries with a book collection of more than 550,000 copies.

In order that workers and members of their families can have a rest and observe a healthy lifestyle sanatoria dispensaries «Metallurg», «Konchi» and «Nurobod», boarding house «Zarafshon», recreation center «Tudakul» and a set of sports complexes function. For the last two years at the expense of means of the enterprise in sanatoria-dispensaries «Metallurg», «Konchi» and «Nurobod» capital repairs are made and they are equipped with the modern medical equipment. Also on the recreation center «Tudakul» and in vacation hotel «Zarafshon» in Charvak-Chimgan resort area all conditions for recreation have been created. In 2019, the sanatorium «NMMС» in Zaamin district of Jizzakh region was put into operation.

In recent years, major repairs have been made to the «Neptune» swimming pool in Zarafshan, reconstruction of the stadium «Sogdianа» in Navoi, a sports complex and an indoor swimming pool «Yangi khayot» have been built in Zafarabad. In Uchkuduk the Park of culture and rest «Orzu» has become a favorite place of citizens. Taking into account the needs, interests and aspirations of young people in Uchkuduk, the «Kelazhak» youth center was put into operation. In Nurabad cityafter major repairs been commissioned preschool educational institution «Kuzmunchok» has been commissioned. In Zarafshan and Zarmitan, children's water parks were built, musical fountains were built in Navoi and Zarafshan cities, as well as in the Zafarabad village.

The Combine pays great attention to the younger generation. Every year in the summer in the country and city children's health camps of the Combine more than ten thousand children have a rest. In the camps the comprehensive arrangements are established in order children can have a rest with interest. The camps, such as «Pakhlavon», «Bolajon», «Sarmysh», «Sogdiana», «Zarafshon» and «Kelajak», located in the beautiful and picturesque places, are recognized the best of our country.

Seven cultural institutions, including, two palaces of culture, two houses of culture, two clubs, the cultural and sports center, and also the house of children's creativity belong to the Combine. They organized 170 amateur art groups and clubs. Famous among them are the orchestra «Shirin», «Marvarid», «Happy childhood», pop dance band «Sonata», the ensemble of Doritos «Sado» of the Palace of culture «Farkhad», pop dance ensemble «Afsona» and the Studio «Atlas» of the Palace of culture «Oltin vodiy» of Zarafshan city, vocal group «Yeles» of the «Uchkuduk» Palace of culture, «Rhythm» and «Sitora» dance ensembles, «Zebo» dance group, vocal groups «Didar» and «Shock» of the house of culture «Yoshlik» in Zafarobod village, dance groups «Debut» and «Ofarin» of the house of culture «Nurabad» in Nurabad city. Annually among creative collectives of the cultural institutions of the Combine contests «Kizilkum sanat gunchalari», «Kizilkum ovozi» and «Kizilkum okhanglari» are performed. All cultural events are organized by the creative teams of the Combine.

The administration of the Combine and the Council of the Trade Union pay constant attention to physical and sports education of the workers of the Combine and their families, as well as to the development of children's sports. The Combine includes five stadiums. Five swimming pools, sailing base, more than 80 gyms and playgrounds. Specialized sports clubs Mardjanbulak in Zarkent, «Yoshlik» and «Sogdiana» in Navoi, «Alpomish» in Zarafshan, «Yoshlik» in Zafarobad, «Mekhnat» – in Nurabad and «Lochin» – in Uchkuduk operate. 

In short, the wide-ranging reforms and updates that are being implemented in the interests of our people increase citizens' sense of gratitude and strengthen confidence in the future.


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