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Radial thickener

The invention relates to suspensions and may be used for condensation of ore pulps and washed products. The object of invention is to improve the condensation performance, simplify and improve reliability of the construction.

The proposed thickener consists of the body with scraper system, pulp charging / discharging device, louvered baffle, pipelines for loading of pulp and flocculants. Pulp charging device is made in the form of horizontal spiral socket fixed in the center of thickener on the truss of scraper system. There are baffles for agitation of pulp with flocculants inside of the socket.

The performance of thickener increases to 10-15% due to the better formation of flocculants and precipitation of flocs in the central part of the thickener.

Key words: radial thickener, flocculants, ore pulp condensation

The invention is covered by Inventors Certificate SU №1393448. Know-how is available.

The technology may be transferred under license agreement. Please send your offers for acquisition of license to the following address: 27 Navoi Str., Navoi 210100, Uzbekistan. Tel: +998(79)2277206, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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You are here: Main About NMMC Items of Intellectual Property Radial thickener