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In PA "Navoi Machine Building Plant» of NMMC manufactured and tested experimental - industrial model of claimed thermogenerator. Conducted factory tests showed that the claimed equipment is different by simple design, high coefficient of efficiency and operational reliability.

The equipment can be used in buildings and facilities heating systems, water heating-up and other liquid mediums for industrial and domestic needs.

Task of the invention:

Increasing the heating efficiency and coefficient of efficiency, increased the channels numbers of liquid flows floating internally one heat exchange holder.

Character of the invention:

Thermogenerator containing inner cylindrical case with a tangential nozzle entry, swirler and outlet at one end and declaration device in the form of radial - set ribs and the second outlet in the form of diaphragm at the other end, cylindrical heat exchange holder, in which the inner case is placed.

Definitive distinctions:

Additional cylindrical case is adjusted between the inner case and the holder accordingly with them.

Accommodation of two cases in one holder is allowed to divide the flow of rotational fluid motion on two parallel flows. One is on inner case and other is on the additional case.

In accordance with the laws of hydraulics, at the same pumping capacity parallel liquid motion in two tubes permits doubly reduce the area open to flow.

Manufacturing technology patented by Republic of Uzbekistan № IAP 04626 UZ. There is a “know how” for this technology. Technology transfer is possible only on licensing agreement.

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You are here: Main About NMMC Items of Intellectual Property Thermogenerator