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Social policy of NMMC

People are the main riches of the Kizilkum land, gold reserves of Navoi Combinat. Social policy of NMMC aimed at the improvement of conditions of work and life, raising the living standards of workers that can make a significant contribution to regional development and social stability.

Given the large contribution made by the team NMMC to the strengthening of friendship between nations, economic development and the expansion of export potential of Uzbekistan, as well as for achieving sustainable high performance and social indicators, active in improving the efficiency of use of mineral resources, application of modern technologies, profound cooperation with leading foreign companies, the Combinat was awarded the order of "Dustlik" in 2000.

The cities Navoi, Uchkuduk, Zarafshan, Nurabad, Zafarabad which are subdivisions of the Combinat, connected with roads and Railways, power lines, included in the unified power system of the Republic, and have an Autonomous life support system, including centralized heat and water supply, modern housing fund, social facilities. Live here and employs about 350 thousand people, the welfare of which in one way or another connected with NMMC workforce which has over 59 thousand people. The development program has a positive effect on the lives of all Kyzylkum region, all the regions of the Republic, where built the cities, industrial facilities, cultural and domestic purposes.

At present the housing fund of the Combinat has 1 630 houses (35 hostels), 49 315 apartments, with total area of 2,624 million sq. m in addition, for the purposes of social support of Combinat workers and ensure decent conditions for the upbringing of their children, 2009-2014, the Combinat selected interest-free loan with 550 employees for the purchase of modern houses built in rural areas according to standard designs.

In cities and towns of NMMC are 19 kindergartens, which bring up more than 2,700 children.

Huge social guarantees our workers network and our Collective agreement which fully takes into account all the questions of life are not only workers, but also pensioners of the Combinat. There are created all the conditions for a decent life and health of older people, veterans of war and labor. For this category for more than one decade is a social package, which includes financial aid, preferential treatment and sanatorium-and-spa treatment.

All employees, their family members and retirees of the Combinat receive treatment-and-prophylactic institutions of free medical care. Annually pensioners provided financial assistance in the amount established by the Collective agreement. On the eve of public holidays lonely pensioners, veterans of war and labor is a comprehensive social support.

For the effective work, the administration of the Combinat and Council Union NMMC has provided a full, healthy recreation for their workers. So, very popular with miners use sanatorium "Metallurg" and "Shaxter", the base of rest "Lazurnaya", "Gornyak"boarding house. More than 9.5 thousand children have a rest in the country and city camps in summer in their vacation every year. In all camps of Combinat annually at the expense of the rest of the Combinat, children from orphanages Navoi region "Mehribonlik" and "Shodlik". NMMC allocates vouchers to the camps children from low-income families the distant steppe regions Tomdy, Nurata, Zarafshan, Uchkuduk and Kanimeh.

There are 5 stadiums, 5 swimming pools, 2 base for sailing, more than 80 sports halls and grounds in the Combinat. Leadership ofNMMC regularly carry out work on development of physical culture and sports among the workers of the Combinat and members of their families, children's sport and high performance sport. The Combinat developed the system of physical education and health clubs with the relevant sports complexes in Navoi - "Sogdiana", in Zarafshan - "Progress" and "Builder", in Zafarabad - Bukinai", in Uchkuduk- "Sokol". Athletes NMMC participate in the Championships, Championships, tournaments, national and international levels in various sports. Swimming centre "Oltin Suv” has educated members of the Olympic and Asian games, many of the world Cup, the winners of the Championships of Asia and Oceania, winners of several national records. Over the past five years athletes NMMC won 2436 gold, silver and bronze medals at national and international competitions.

There are 7 cultural institutions on the balance of the Combinat, including 2 Palace of culture, 2 community center, 2 clubs, cultural and sports center, the house of children's creativity. They created over 170 creative Amateur groups and clubs, 41 of them have the title of "National" and "Exemplary". In these groups, there are about 5000 children and adults.

For those who like reading, there are 5 libraries with a total collection of books about 370 thousand copies. For the convenience of readers in all units are mobile libraries, which serve the readers directly on the work stations and remote units. The annual number of library users is more than 21 thousand people, including 5.5 thousand children.

Medicine of NMMC represented MSD combining five major health institutions located in the cities of the NMMC covering of the population served in 200,0 thousand people. All institutions are equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment, such as computed tomography, lyotropy, plasmapheresis, anesthetic and respiratory equipment, equipment for laparoscopically operation, etc.

In accordance with the Collective agreement, and given the peculiarities of the technology of production and physiological needs of the organism working in hazardous production through a network of canteens and cafeterias of the Combinat organized therapeutic and preventive nutrition.

In the composition of agro-industrial complex NMMC are 5 farms and agro firm "Dustlik", in the economic turnover of which there are more than 1200 hectares of land. In greenhouses are grown annually up to 30 tons of vegetables, 30 thousand pieces of flowers. In the livestock sector contains more than 1,700 cattle and small ruminants. Annually they produce 70 tons of beef and mutton, 116 tons of poultry meat, 7.5 million eggs, over 2,100 tons of milk and dairy products, in addition, 300 tons grains, 700 tons of vegetables and melons, 460 tons of fruits and grapes. As part of the agriculture operate a poultry farm, canning shop, 3 mini dairy factory, mini Beers plant successfully works in Uchkuduk and the plant for bottling of mineral water and beverages in Nurabad.

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