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Prices contractual

We execute:

-Grinding to the repair sizes of directing beds with length up to 4500 mm with renewal of directing carriages;

-Clean and semiclean grinding (5-6 quality grade) of planes and different profiles of details, by mass to 16 tons and sizes 4570x2000x1510 (ЬхВхН) mm;

- Clean and semiclean grinding (7-8 quality grade) of planes, butt ends, slots of details by mass to 8 tons and sizes 3000x1000x1000 (LXBXH) MM.

We produce:

-Major repair of all produced models of machine-tools and their service, and also major repair of models of machine-tools on a type 1К62, 1К625, 16К20, 9Н14, 6Т82, 1М63.

-Reseating of crankshafts of internal combustion engines of motor-car and road-building technique in a repair size.

-Repair of plug-forming armature of Dy 150, Dy 200, Dy 250, Dy 300

We carry out major repairs:


-ЯМЗ- 236 and its modifications;

-ЯМ3-238 and its modifications;

-ЯМ3-240 and its modifications.

Aggregates of КрАЗ cars:

-Transfer gear-box:

-Reducer of back axle;

-Reducer of intermediate axle;

- Air compressor.

Aggregates of БелАЗ cars:

-Final drive;

-Hand brake;

-Cylinders of front and back suspensions;

-Central tipping mechanism.

Pumps of high-pressure : ТНВД- 236, ТНВД- 238, ТНВД- 240, ТНВД-240Н.

We produce:

-Reseating of crankshafts of internal combustion engines of motor-car and road-building technique in a repair size.

-Repair of power-shovels scoops of ЭКГ-5А, ЭКГ-8И, ЭКГ- 12,5, САТ- 5130, САТ- 5230, ЕХ- 3500, RH - 170;

-Repair of electric motors of alternating and permanent current by power to 250кW.

We inflict the next types of coverages : zinc-plating, chrome-plating, nickelage, copperplating, oxidizing, etch of aluminium, electro-polishing. In a prospect is a line of ironing. We overcoat from metallic and powder-like materials on the machines and mechanisms detail for renewal, work-hardening and corrosive defence. The processes of plasma and gas-plasma sputter are used by powder-like and wire materials.

Universal lathe with electronic control system НТ-250М;
Universal boring and milling machine with electronic control system НФ-630МФ4;
Electronically controlled lathe machine 16М30ФЗ; Lathe (modernisation) 16А20ФЗ;
Universal screw-cutting lathe 1М63Н and 16К40;
Roughing-and-grinding machine ЗН340; Universal woodworking machine СДУ- 1 and СДУ-1П;
Pump of 5Gy-8m;
Pump of 5GyV-8;
Pump of ЦНС- 300;
Pump of Д200-95;
Whirl winding pump of НС 8Гр-8, 10Гр-8т, 12Гр-8т;
Universal hanging deepripper I ГНУ-1МС;
Plough of ПНЯ-4-45 electrodes УОНИ is 13/55 0 3-5 mm;
All types lining-ups foundings of grinding mills;
Casting of repair parts of power-shovels :

-ЭКГ- 4,6;



-ЭКГ- 12,5;

-ЭКГ- 15 from carbon and manganese steel;
Bushs from non-ferrous metals alloys by a diameter to 400 mm, length to 400 mm;
Sand pumps foundings of 5Gy, 8Gy, 12Gy from a wearproof alloy;
Pumps driving wheels by weight from 5 to 1200 kg from cast-iron and special alloy;
Hardwares for a motor-car and road-building technique;
technological equipment for processing plants and factories of mining industry;
Linear sections for conveyers, tightening and drive stations to them;
Different capacity equipment from carbon and non-rusting steels, titanic and aluminium alloys;
Scoops of power-shovels : ЭКГ-5А, ЭКГ-8И, ЭКГ- 12,5, САТ- 5130, САТ- 5230, ЕХ- 3500, RH - 170, RH-200
Building metalwares and metallic forms for building panels and blocks making;
Plankings and подмостья for erection of monolithic dwelling-houses, are notable for seismic stability;
Cog-wheels to the 5th class of exactness by the module from 2 to 4 mm, spline shafts with the subsequent polishing;
Shafting by a diameter to 2 m, length to 8 m; Gearwheel shaft and cog wheels by the module from 0,5 to 36 mm;
Toothed crowns by the module a from 20 to 40 mm, by a diameter to 8 m, height to 1 m, by mass to 30 tons;
Awaiting-parts for boring options, power-shovels, compressors, ventilators, pumps.
Classifiers and awaiting-parts to them;
Drums by a diameter from 120 to 1600 mm;
pneumatic cylinder and hydraulic jack;
Conveyers of width from 500 to 2000 mm; Sleeve bearing shell with their subsequent Treatment;
more than 3000 names of mechanical rubber goods (cords, window profiles, cuffs, rings etc.);
Awaiting-parts for farming machines;
Bolt of ДУ 250 РУ 25;

We carry out major repairs of machine-tools.