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NMMC co-operates with many companies that represent actually the whole our Planet: from the United States and Canada to Australia and Japan.

Lasting business relations have been established with the world-wide known Companies, such as Orenstein & Koppel, Atlas Copco, Wirtgen, Caterpillar, Euclid, NM Rothschield & Sons Limited, Marubeni, Bridgestone, Shell, Spectro Analytical Instruments, Hitachi, Nissho Iwai, LRS Plannung und Technologie, Wirth, Dobersek, Allweiler, GERMED, Grundfos, NUKEM GmbH, Siemens, MAN TAKRAF and etc.. Delegations of business partners are constantly coming to Navoi. Contracts are being concluded and joint projects are being discussed.

NMMC is one of the founders of American – Uzbek Chamber of Commerce. Founded in September 1993 it represents non-commercial organization including companies interested in development of bilateral commerce and investments between the United States and Uzbekistan.

In 1996 presentations of mineral base and sources of raw materials of Uzbekistan took place in the U.S.A. and Japan where foreign companies showed the enormous interest towards NMMC.

NMMC permanently co-operates with international organizations involved into solving environmental problems. IAEA’s specialists and technical experts visited our production facilities many times, studied ecological conditions and obtained complete information on all matters they are interested in. NMMC takes part in TACIS Environmental Program of the European Union, closely co-operates with foreign companies that are charged with responsibilities of executing this Program.

In autumn 1996 IAEA’s delegation, including representatives of the companies using our uranium and specialists in radiation safety from Sweden, visited NMMC. The delegation appreciated very much the environment protection measures taken at the uranium facilities of NMMC.

NMMC cooperates with the following companies:

International companies

Orenstein & Koppel

Atlas Copco




NM Rothschild & Sons Limited




Speсtro Analytical Instruments


Nissho Iwai

LRS Plannung und Technologie










Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat for a long time is cooperating with the following companies: "AMMC" (Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combinat) JSC, "Kizilkumcement" JSC, JV "Uzelektroapparat" JSC - power equipment, JV "Uzcable" JSC and JV "Andijancable" JSC - cabling and wiring products, "Namanganmash" JSC - valves, ICE "Zhihoz-ventilation Ltd." - ventilation equipment, PC "Queens international" ("Artel") - electrical appliances, "Uzmetcombinat" JSC - supply of metal, JV "Tashkent Pipe Plant "- supply of pipes, "Navoiazot" JSC - chemicals, UC "Namangan rezinaplast" - conveyer belt, "Maxam-Chirchik" JSC, "Ammophos Maxam"  JSC - chemicals.

Experience of cooperation with local companies in terms of software implementation

The software part of NMMC is working closely with local companies, in particular:
1. Each year, concluded a contract with the State Unitary Enterprise «UNICON.UZ» for the provision of connection to the secure e-mail and electronic document management system.
2. "Unisoft" LLC signed contract for the acquisition of licenses for the software "1C: Enterprise 8. Salary and personnel management."
3. Centre of programmers BePro signed contracted to the introduction of automated information system «MedData» The health department NMMC.
4. XK GIS SERVICE signed contract for the acquisition of licenses for the software ArcGIS, is used to account for the movement of land allotment of combinate.

Uzbekistan companies

SJSC "Uzkimyosanoat"

JSC "Ammofox-Maxam"

JSC "Kokand Superphosphate Plant"

JSC "Samarkandkimyo"

JV JSC "Elektrokimyozavod"

JSC "Navoiyazot"

JSC "Farg'onaazot"

JSC "Qizilqumsement"

JSC "Almalyk Mining-Metallurgical Complex"


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  • General Department, chancellery: 0(436) 227-71-64, +9989 79 227-71-64
  • Helpline: 0(436) 227-72-22, +998 79 227-72-22

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