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Surface mining

Decisions made on open cast mining works with a view to ensuring the necessary intensity and efficiency of manufacturing:

• Under the implementation of investment project FS "Reconstruction of Muruntau career, IV stage" on the 17th of March, 2011 was built and sat to work COT (conveyor ore transportation) complex - ore with steep inclined conveyer SIC-270/3500 in the north-east side of the career, whereby is transported the main part of the ore mining mass from the career.

• Reconstruction of the existing SIC complex with dismantling its in-career part and construction of conveyor lines of conveyor-ore technology on new routes is completed.

• In 2013, for the career Muruntau for transportation of rock mass within the program of modernization the mining-transportation equipment of career purchased and sat to work 13 units of heavy-duty dump trucks with carrying capacity of 220 tons; for drilling blast holes - 3 units RDT-250 (roller-drilling tool) drilling rigs; and also in 2014 purchased powerful electric excavators - 2 units CMME-20K (crawler mounted mining excavator) with serial numbers 1 and 2.

• Works on the implementation of investment project "Exploitation the underground mining of Muruntau deposit" are began.

Mining operations at the career are conducted according to the current project on Muruntau career mining, IV stage.

Career parameters on the surface: length - 3.35 km, width - 2.5 km, depth - 560 m.

Joining up Muruntau and Myutenbay careers is planned in 2015, and length of career will be-4.27 km.

On the excavation and loading of ore mining mass involved electrical and hydraulic excavators with bucket capacity from 8 m3 to 21 m3.

Overburden rocks are transported by career’s heavy-duty dump trucks (carrying capacity 180-220 t) to crushing-transfer points of conveyor ore transportation complex and further through the main conveyor are transported to outside dumps over a distance of 5-6 km.

In the exploitation of deep careers is necessary to ensure the stability of benches and mine safety. This issue is controlled by geomechanical service of career by observations method and also analysis of information which collected from three seismic stations Delta Geon-02, sat up on the sides of the career - control point of the career, central control point of COT, and administrative building of SIC complex.

Along with a giant career the combine operates group of careers from 70 units which are located on Kokpatas and constitute a single raw material base with Daugyztau deposit. Part of careers is mined, at the present time 30 units of careers are operated.

Implemented the necessary measures on costs saving and cost reduction of mining technology at the cost of:

- CTP (career transfer point) construction on the south side of Daugyztau deposit, where distance of ore handling is reduced to 1.2 km in one direction;

- construction of transportable mobile ore-controlling stations (OCS), providing dumping ore separation;

- construction of leading sumps and water-drainage installations at the careers of Kokpatas and Daugyztau deposits.

Every year the projects of technical re-equipping are realized for reclamation of basic funds. So, in August 2013 got 1 unit of CMME -10 with a bucket capacity of 10 m3, in 2014 purchased 25 units of vehicle BelAZ with carrying capacity of 55 tons, and also other highway engineering.

To compensation  outlier capacities of Mardjanbulak ore field, with a view to engaging in testing of technogenic deposits MGPM, carried out research to determine the method of mining and transportation of mature tailings MGPM for recycling. By definition, the method of mature tailings mining will be sampled to determine their processing technology.

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You are here: Main Production Mining Surface mining