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Organizational structure of NMMC

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Geographically Navoi is located 500 km of Tashkent between the ancient cities Bukhara and Samarkand.

With the capital of Uzbekistan Navoi is linked by rail, motor and airways

NMMC Head Office (Navoi) - NMMC administrative and management centre.

Central Mining Administration (Zarafshan) - gold mining, phosphorites and explosives production.

Northern Mining Administration (Uchkuduk) - mining and processing complexes for uranium, gold, marble, granite, building materials.

Southern Mining Administration (Nurabad) - uranium in-situ leaching mines and marble open pits, gold mines, PVC and PE pipes factory.
Mining Administration № 5 (Zafarabad) - uranium in-situ leaching mines.

Hydrometallurgical Plant No.1 ( Navoi) - triuranium-octoxide, rhenium and gold production.

"Navoi Machine Building Plant" Production Association (Navoi) - machines production and technical equipment maintenance.


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  • General Department, chancellery: 0(436) 227-71-64, +9989 79 227-71-64
  • Helpline: 0(436) 227-72-22, +998 79 227-72-22

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You are here: Main About NMMC Structure of NMMC