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Products information of NMMC

Production of Navoi machine-building plant 

- Turning and screw-cutting lathe model 1М63Н

- Double-sided roughing-and-grinding machine model - 3H340

- Purpose-built bench drilling machine model 21Н16 & 21Н16М

- Multipurpose turning lathe with numerical control system НТ-250М

- Upright boring mill workcenter - НФ630МФ4

- Multipurpose woodworking machine model - СДУ-1 & СДУ-1

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“Navoi Machine Building Plant” Production Association Services

Production of Mining administration "HMP-1"

- Green vitriol technical

- Sodium silicate liquid

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Production of Central mining administration

- Break stone

- Quartz sand

- Quick lime (lump)

- The emulsion explosives of the packaged type NOBELIT 216 Z

- Screenings crushing limestone (bran)

- Crushed stone oversized

- Phosphorite concentrate washed and calcined

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Production of Southern mining administration

- Marble production

- Polyvinylchloride and Polyethylene Pipes

- Production of beverages

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Production of Mining administration №5

- Ammonium perrhenate

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Production of agricultural complex "Dustlik"

- Fruit juices

- Vegetable juices

- The vegetable marinade

- Jam fruit

- Chicken eggs

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Production of Jewellery plant

- Products from gold

- Jewellery production


Production spinning and knitting factory "Agama"



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You are here: Main Production Products