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Gold production

At the time of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Navoi Mining Metallurgical Combine processing of gold ore and production of refined gold were carried out on a hydrometallurgical plant - HMP-2. Today the plant gold mining complex includes four hydrometallurgical plants, one is mine heap leach gold mining and another is gold mining shop. Compared with 1991, ore processed at the NMMC has increased by 3 times and growth of gold production amounted to more than 40%.

For processing Muruntau ores and release of refined gold in 1969 set to work a hydrometallurgical plant №2 (HMP-2). Zarafshan gold-mining complex is the production base for the development of new scientific ideas and technologies. For processing Muruntau deposit ores for the first time in the world practice applied scheme sorbate-nonfiltration technology of gold recoveryfrom cyanic pulps, used the scheme of wet semiautogeneous grinding on WSG mills, developed and implemented the technology to getting refined silver and palladium.

In the structure of gold production NMMC HMP-2 occupies a leading position. At the factory there is a complete cycle of processing ore - from the initial crushing ore to finished products in the form of gold bullion of the purest tint. Due to conducted on a regular basis the works complex of technical rearmament, input the new facilities, implementation by specialists of NMMC and CIA the research results to improve technicalprocesses an annual capacity of the plant for processing ore increased in comparison with 1991on 86.7% (from 20.0 to 37.3 million tons).

At HMP-2 the gold refining is conduct, entering as the semi-finished product from the subdivisions of plant’s gold mining complex. In 2009, on the results of monitoring carried out by the London Bullion Market Association, NMMS’s gold, take acknowledgment of its status "good delivery". Trademark of Uzbekistan on the gold bullion is recognized worldwide as reflected the highest quality products.

Due to the reduction of uranium ore base in 1994 in HMP-1 ore processing scheme was rebuilt from the processing of uranium-containing ore for processing of gold ore, started producing gold in the semis. Thanks to technical rearmament and reconstruction of executed technological conversions involved in the processing of gold ores four deposits, increased ore processing and, accordingly, plant capacity.

One of the first and the largest at that time in Central Asia Joint Venture "Zarafshan-Newmont" started its activities in 1995 and later, in 2007, was reformed into a heap leach gold mine - SHGM. In 2007, project of repackaging lain nonleaching ore pillows tiers inserted into works production. In 2012, realized the project "Expansion, technical and technological rearmament SHGM." In order to improve the effectiveness of extracting gold from saturated solutions of heap leaching process, in 2012-2013 launched experimental-industrial section, which includes the node locally sorption installations with technology of gold precipitation on activated coal, desorption node and reactivation of coal.

In 1995 start of HMP-3 in technology of ore processing - the first of a hydrometallurgical plant, built in the country since independence was rendered. Start of HMP-3 opened a new chapter in the life of the North Mining Board and all of Navoi region.

Due to the fact that the oxidized ore reserves are limited (15-20% of proven reserves), in NMMC conducted research scientific works, aimed for inclusion in refractory of persistent gold-sulfide ore deposits Kokpatas and Daugiztau and implementation of effective processing technology. According to results of the performed works, as the most appropriate version was chosen the technology «BIOX®» - the bacterial oxidation of gold-flotation concentrate.

Construction the complex of processing the persistent gold-sulfide ores at HMP-3 began in 2005 and finished within a short time. Start the 1st order of the complex was carried out in 2008. Since 2008 to 2010, were gradually put into the exploitation the 1st and 2nd order of the world's largest installation of bacterial oxidation of gold-flotation concentrate by «BIOX®» technology.

In 2012 on HMP-3 dawn on the transition of sorption technology for a new type of sorbent - activated charcoal as soon as possible was carried out construction and start into the exploitation desorption, electrolysis and reactivation of coal department. In 2002 consisting of NMMC entered Zarmitan and Mardjanbulak gold mining mines,Mardjanbulak gold rising shop (MGRS).

Construction of the second phase of the mining complex on the basis of Zarmitan gold ore zone begun in 2009 allowed in the third quarter of 2010 set to work HMP-4 starting complex. HMP-4 - is the second hydro plant built in the country since independence. In 2013 the HMP-4 reached full production capacity. Ore processing at HMP-4 is carried out with using the intensive gravity and intensive leaching of gold concentrate technology, not previously used in the NMMC.

Take into account sufficient supplies of sulfide ore on Mardjanbulakpits deposit, with a view to implication in the processing of these ores, on MGRS through innovative projects since June 2012 were put into the exploitation processing line of sulphide ores.

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You are here: Main Production Gold production